It happens to all of us that sometimes, we get a visit to House and we don’t have appetizers or anything prepared to offer them. However, there is a wide range of home appliances They can make our lives easier and get us out of this type of trouble without having to resort to the typical pizza at home or go out to buy drinks. Here we leave you the 6 best machines to make cocktails, yogurt and ice cream at home.

1. Cocktail machine Bibo

Electric cocktail machine that includes a glass for preparations, a glass of shots and 3 cocktail mixes courtesy of the brand.

Light, compact and easy to use, with this device you can prepare all kinds of drinks in seconds. Clean and remove waste at the touch of a button.

2. Slush machine Dash

Machine for making slushies and cocktails made of resistant plastic with stainless steel blades. Includes recipe book.

In it you can prepare cocktails, flavored cold snacks, ice cream and slush. In addition, its compact size allows you to store it in any kitchen space after using it. It has a one year warranty.

3. Slush machine Nostalgia

Machine to prepare drinks and slushies. It has a container with a capacity of up to 32 ounces. Includes removable cup holder and drip tray.

Use crushed ice and salt to freeze your favorite sugar-based drinks and desserts. His design retro and eye-catching It will look like a gem in any kitchen and bar.

4. Cuisinart: Snow cone machine

Machine to make slush cones intuitive operation. It has a motor mechanism and blades with a safety function and comes with 4 reusable plastic cones and 12 paper cones.

This machine can make 4-5 snow cones in less than a minute. With it you can also prepare iced cocktails and refreshing drinks.

5. Machine Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Electric machine for making snow cones with powerful 55W motor. It has removable and replaceable stainless steel blades. It has a 1 year warranty.

This machine is mount and dismount in seconds to facilitate storage, perfect for kitchens with small spaces. In addition all its parts are completely washable.

6. Ice cream machine Cuisinart ICE

Cuisinart ICE-21 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker (White)

Mixing machine to make frozen desserts. Holds up to 1-1 / 2 quarts, insulated freezer pail, and sturdy plastic container with clear lid.

With this mixer you can make frozen desserts in 20 minutes or less without the need for ice. It is available in white, red, turquoise and pink.

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