For beautiful, radiant skin every day.

When you have one sensitive skin It is very susceptible to certain products that you apply on it, it is necessary that you begin to have much more awareness of each of the ingredients used to make each product. However, today there are many makeups made with formulas hypoallergenic They are perfect for women with sensitive skin. So below we present six of the most outstanding.

1. balm lip with colour

Ideal for lips that have been mistreated by various factors. They have a delicious vanilla and mint flavor and are made with ingredients that do not generate allergic reactions in sensitive lips. They come in a four-unit package.

These lipsticks can be used by young women and of all ages, because it heals dry and chapped lips effectively.

2. Organic mask premium quality

Have beautiful lashes with this natural mask for your eyes. It is a cosmetic product made with an 85% ecological formula of unique ingredients that help beautify and nourish each hair.

This black mask does not contain parabens, dyes and is gluten-free so it does not cause allergic reactions on contact with the skin. Include this mask in your daily beauty routine and you will wear some beautiful eyelashes.

3. Natural tint for cheeks and lips

A totally natural, healthy product and also made only with vegan ingredients of natural origin. Its formula consists of shea butter, argan butter and acai oil reinforced with vitamins that nourish your lips and cheeks.

It is super easy to apply and has a pleasant smell of fresh fruits. Its natural pigment can paint your lips and give color to your cheeks so that you highlight your natural beauty.

4. Makeup with brush for powder

A game of makeup Composed of loose powders and a brush to apply, each powder is made from mineral bases that do not cause allergic skin reactions. iQ Natural It is a great natural base that leaves your skin softer and brighter.

You only need to apply the powder to later be able to make up your face and leave it to act so that its properties give your skin a special shine which at the same time protects your dermis.

5. 79 recipes hypoallergenic to create makeup

A practical guide with 79 recipes to create makeup totally hypoallergenic with natural products. This book has detailed information for making makeup for all skin types based on fragrance-free minerals, parabens and toxins.

Create your own cosmetics that you can apply as a base, concealer, blush, eyeliner and much more. Save a lot of money creating your own cosmetics based on organic products that do not produce any type of allergic reaction.

6. Cosmetic kit full size

This makeup kit for sensitive skin It has been created with pure minerals, organic and natural ingredients totally free of chemical products that alter your pH. The set includes brushes, loose powder and other essential makeup items.

When are you going to beautify the face it is important that you have the appropriate cosmetics for the needs of your skin. This kit is perfect for protecting and also keeping each of your pores hydrated.