Your new favorite accessory for weekends.

The use of masks to sleep they come in high because they allow you a better rest. If you are one of those who take a short nap after lunch, a few minutes with your mask on will suffice for you to have a break deep. At home, if your partner stays reading with the light on or watching television, it will be enough to put on a mask to stay in the dark and speed up the dream. They are also excellent to rest when you are having a migraine. If you are thinking of acquiring one for your own use or gifting to a special person, in the following lines we will show you some models.

1. Jersey Slumber: Silk mask to rest

The Jersey Slumber brand silk mask is made of 100% breathable silk and soft to the skin to improve your rest. The strap is made of soft elastic that will adapt to your head without tightening or entangling your hair. It also guarantees the duration of your makeup.

The mask is light and softIt also prevents light from entering to guarantee a good rest or a quiet meditation. It is so light that you can carry it in your handbag.

2. Light blocking for maximum rest

The Mavogel brand manufactured a mask with flexible cartilage and five breathable layers where cotton, elastic sponge and modaier stand out. adapts to your face. It also blocks the entrance of light to offer more rest.

The elastic is wide and soft, and has an adjustable buckle to avoid discomfort on the scalp. The mask includes its bag so you always have it on hand for your hours of rest and meditation.

3. Sleeping mask with 3D design

The ZGGCD sleeping mask is made of memory foam and soft-touch fabric. It has a design of eye contour deeper that allows you to move them freely without disturbing even the eyelashes.

The elastic band guarantees comfort and the ergonomic design on the nose and sides prevents light from entering to guarantee absolute rest. By buying this mask you get the bag to keep them and ear plugs.

4. Mask for sleep with music included

The Homder brand sleep mask is made of foam rubber with a flexible cotton fabric lining. It also has a system of headphones included that work with bluetooth for nine hours of continuous playback.

The sleeping mask adjusts to your head through a velcro strap that you control to ensure comfort during sleep or meditation. The lining is washable, thus guaranteeing the durability of the mask.

5. Orihea: Rest with maximum darkness

The Orihea brand has for you its sleep mask Made with memory foam and an adjustable strap guaranteeing an ergonomic design. The eye cup has a 3D design that does not touch your eyeball allowing eyelash movement.

Towards the nasal area it has an extra sponge that blocks light from entering regardless of the size of the nose. The mask is made of breathable material for freshness and comfort. Ideal to give away and take on a trip.

6. Pragovle: Fun and rest in a mask

If you are one of those you are looking for funny designs, the Pragovle brand has available its package with masks stamped with animal faces. They are made of lightweight, soft-touch polyester fiber for maximum comfort.

The package includes two masks with faces of cats, two of dogs and two of gel pad that you can insert cold or warm in the pocket of the fabric masks to offer rest to your eyes. The elastic is adjustable to your preference.