Because you never know when the raindrops will start to fall.

It has happened to all of us that what seemed to be a beautiful sunny day in the morning, then turns into an afternoon rainy. For these moments there is nothing better than having a miniature umbrella in the comfort of your bag or wallet, and thus avoid getting your clothes wet or makeup. Take a look at these models and choose the best one for you.

1. EEZ-Y: Heavy duty double deck construction


Umbrella made of material stainless steel high quality. Rugged double deck ventilation which allows the wind to pass through for optimal ventilation. Portable in size and light in weight, it gives you comfortable handling. In turn, it guarantees high resistance to strong winds.

Equipment robust and durable, essential to take with you at any time of the day regardless of how bad the weather may appear. The most recommended is to choose an option that suits your comforts.

2. Prodigy: Wind, sun and rain resistant


Ultralight mini umbrella and portable. Compact structure weighing just 8 oz., Which similarly opens to form a large 38-inch canopy. Made of high quality material on 8 internal fiberglass ribs. Resistant to wind, cold and rain, as it can also adjust to sunny days.

Compact and UV protection. Ideal option to carry with you at all times, be it a rainy day or with a resplendent sun. The best thing will be to have this mini umbrella that resists all kinds of daily weather.

3. Fidus: Mini umbrella and parasol for outdoors


Umbrella compact size, made with high quality material. It weighs just 9 ounces and measures 7.2 inches in length, which opens to form a large 38-inch canopy. Another feature that stands out is its design of 8 internal ribs, which allows a stronger metal shaft.

What stands out the most is its portable design to carry in your purse or bag with great comfort regardless of destination. Whether it is for a long trip or a short departure, it is advisable to take an option like this with you and avoid any possible eventual weather.

4. Nooformer: Compact size and AntiUV material


Mini travel umbrella It features a weight of 8 ounces and a length of 6.7 inches. It has a sturdy button design that avoids problems when opening and closing. Ultralight, AntiUV and fully foldable construction material. It has 42 inches open instead of the 36 standard size.

If you are thinking of an upcoming trip, be it short or long, this compact equipment resistant to wind and rain is presented as the ideal option to fit in your bag.

5. Nooformer: Mini travel sun and rain resistant parasol


Made with folding fibers of UV protection, for both men and women. Ultralight mini umbrella that can be easily adjusted in any type of bag. Weighing 7 ounces, it also features 95% UV protection. Waterproof fabric to protect all types of leather or synthetic fabric.

East sturdy mini parasol It will be essential so that your day to day goes by without any kind of unforeseen event. A lightweight equipment that can protect you from the cold, sun or rain in any situation.

6. SY Compact: Portable and comfortable within reach

Hand umbrella, compact size and resistant fibers to humid or sunny climates. It features a smooth and attractive design, made of 8-core aluminum alloy with a sturdy metal shaft. Both closing and opening are manual and quick to operate.

This mini umbrella from small measures It can fit into any bag, purse or backpack interior. Ideal to give to an acquaintance, family member or yourself, if you want to prevent unforeseen events on rainy days.