Do not stay without surprising mom.

For modern moms who love to try, be updated with technological products, we give you a list of gifts that will surprise her and they are very useful. Remember that if you are a Prime member, You can have discounts and free shipping, regardless of the season of the year. Buy your gift soon, to avoid last minute gifts!

1. A smart watch that plays music, has GPS with a battery of up to 4 days

A smartwatch that tracks physical activities, can record the menstrual cycle, answer calls, have android apps, listen to music with a modern design and more.

2. An excellent quality espresso regardless of destination

If your mom is one of those who loves coffee. This is a machine that grinds and prepares a rich espresso in a matter of seconds. You just need boiling water, coffee and you’re d Your mom will get a delicious coffee instantly.

3. Bluetooth tracker to know where things left off

For forgetful women this is a bluetooth tracker that through your cell phone and an app you can find the keys, wallet, luggage or some other item. You need to download an app that is totally free.

4. Always keep your drink warm from the first to the last sip

Be it tea or coffee, this thermos with a base prevents your drink from cooling. You only need to have it connected through an app so you can control the temperature of the drink on your cell ph

5.Defrost food without microwave

If your mom loves to cook this product can be very useful. Well, you only need to place the frozen product on this plate and in seconds it begins to thaw. It does not take away the flavor of food, no need to connect or batteries.

6. Essential oil diffuser for shower

Essential oils have many benefits. Adding a few drops of essential oil to this diffuser will make a shower delicious, refreshing and you can relax the whole body.