Show off healthy and impurity-free skin at all times.

As much as we take care of our faces and our skin, And even when we have a certain facial care routine, there are always times when they appear impurities in our skin, and it is in those moments when we most seek an alternative or solution to eliminate them naturally and without affecting the health of our beauty. For these cases, the face masks they are one of the best options.

There are different types of face masks To help keep your face beautiful and fresh, each has a number of benefits ranging from removing dead skin cells, providing firmness and elasticity to the skin, removing blackheads, and keeping skin clean and fresh.

They are available with different scents, components, textures and types of application, but since they are specially made to be used on our face, it is important that we always look for options composed of natural ingredients and non-toxic to ensure the expected results without side effects or allergic reactions.

And for people who have many occupations and a hectic life, the best face masks are those that have an immediate and lasting effect, such as peeling; that you can easily apply, leave to act for a few minutes and then remove it comfortably and quickly, so that you can continue with your daily activities, looking for much softer, brighter, cleaner and 100% free of impurities.

1. Black face mask anti pimples

Made with activated carbon, this mask provides a deep cleaning on your face while removes acne, the black spots and all the imperfections you may have on your face. It also has the power to remove difficult stains caused by the sun or any other agent in the environment. It has several functions, among them reducing the effect of radiation from technological devices such as computers or others, and giving vitality to skin that has been dull or uneven in its shades, giving it more firmness and freshness.

This mask offers a younger skin with its continuous use, since it gives you softness and moisturizes the skin giving you a wonderful feeling of freshness and vitality. One of its most striking attributes is that it can eliminate the hair that is born on the face, improves the blood circulation of the skin and other benefits that you will see with its application continuously.

2. Exfoliating mask from Granada

This mask has been created to exfoliate the skin of the face, neck and torso of the skin, to show a smoother removing all dead cells as well as traces of impurities or environmental pollutants. Eliminate excess fat, leaving an extra clean and refined surface to your dermis. The mask comes in a 175ml container and with the pomegranate as the main asset.

It is ideal for all skin types, so it is recommended for you to have a fresher and more perfect skin. With this product you will have a combination of pomegranates with essential and natural elements such as acai, goji, mango, blueberry and noni to give your skin the care it needs to be smooth and to protect it against free radicals and environmental stress.

3. Peeling mask for deep cleaning

A highly demanded black mask among women who love to maintain healthy and clean skin. Fits all skin types and among its main elements is activated carbon that eliminates blackheads, outbreaks or white spots, acne that attacks at all ages, oily skin and areas that remain with these conditions such as the nose. Deep cleans open pores and any other impurities. Your skin will look beautiful and toned.

This cleanser for the face it has a formula combined with vitamins, essential nutrients and extracts for healthy skin. It has the function of absorbing the cream deep into the skin and then extracting all the impurities that are found in it, leaving the smallest pores with the first days of use. It is recommended to remove it with a hot towel.

4. Anti-pimple mask with bamboo charcoal

It comes in a 60ml container allowing you to make various applications. The mask offers a deep cleansing for the face and its constant use leads to the elimination of acne and all the black spots and spots left by the products of makeup or natural agents like the sun. It also reduces and conceals age spots that impair the appearance of your skin.

With this mask you will be activating younger skin and soft to the touch and visible to all. It also fulfills the function of moisturizing it, giving a wonderful sensation while removing facial hair from the face, making it look very healthy.

5. Facial scrub gel

This gel scrub has been created to avoid dry skin, as it exfoliates and gives freshness at the same time thanks to its function as a moisturizer, and removes dead skin that has been naturally discarded through microdermabrasion. It is rich in vitamin C, E, peptides and extracts of natural plant stem cells. Deep cleanses clogged pores and any impurities from damaged skin.

The gel-shaped mask has among its benefits the anti-aging effect and does not contain parabens or alcohol. When using it, your skin will recover that special and natural shine, that is why it is recommended to use it by massaging it when applying it to stimulate circulation.

6. Facial mask cucumber

This exfoliating cream lightens the skin by removing dead cells. It has been made with natural and botanical ingredients that take care of the skin to make you feel better. The mask is made from cucumber and aloe vera, which act on the skin and leave it soft and silky. It comes in a 175ml presentation for you to apply to your face, preventing it from looking tired and without vitality. This cream relaxes the dermis while hydrating it.

Due to the ingredients it has, it helps lighter appearance to the skin, since the natural cucumber extract is responsible for gently removing impurities from the face that can cause the skin to be rough and dull, so you will have a perfect face with this formula free of aggressive chemicals. It is highly recommended by experts and people who have used it on their combination or normal skin.