In the season of summer, the temperature increases dramatically and we need an alternative to keep us cool and not be victims of heat stroke. For this you must always be hydrated, try to stay in the shade and have a constant air flow, like the one these portable fans that you can always carry with you on the hottest days.

1. Mini Fan Foldable angle laptop


It is a fan with premium quality and unique design, made of high quality ABS plastic and has a solid and pressure resistant structure. It is safe to use and its design is rechargeable and portable.

Produces a soft breeze To keep you cool and relaxed, it is ultra quiet and its angles are adjustable. It uses the brushless motor technique, with energy efficient to save energy and protect the environment.

2. Desk Fan with USB charging


Its design is foldable and small in size. Can be used as a desk fan or hand fan. You can place it inside your backpack, being ideal for traveling in hot climates.

The 6 fan blades generate strong winds and its motor makes it durable. It works with rechargeable battery and with a USB cable that you can charge with any device with this type of port.

3. Silent Fan with clamp base


With a rotary knob On / off switch, it is characterized by stepless control, so you can adjust it to the most comfortable wind speed. The running sound is less than 20db.

Includes a design of sponge hole in the back of the fan that can contain ice water, repellent or essential oil to make the experience even more pleasant.

4. Mini Personal Fan Folding


It features a unique design that allows the blade to automatically fold when the fan is off, thus making it convenient and very compact. It has two air flow speeds.

It is perfect for summer activities, to use in indoor or outdoor. Also, it is quiet enough to be used on work or meeting desks, and small enough to carry in a pocket or bag.

5. Circular fan with Brooch base


With a unique, original design, modern and powerfulIt is the best option you can have for those hot days. Its motor is high speed and low noise level. It has 360ยบ vertical and horizontal rotation.

Clip style allows you to arrange it in any place you want, such as a baby stroller, car seat, any environment in your home or office, and you can even use it in outdoor activities.

6. Fan Portable with Integrated Light


It offers you options in different temperature environments. The integrated blue light And the emergency side light can come in handy after you turn off the lights at night or when you’re camping.

You can use this fan in your office or at home with the computer power. You can also use it outdoors to help you cool down when it’s hot outside.