Sometimes we must leave our automobiles parked in public places and outside secure parking lots. In these cases it is necessary to provide protection against external damage and thus be able to keep them in perfect condition. That is why this time we show you the best options for car protectors you must have.

1. Car Cover with safety chain

Is a universal cover It is constructed of two layer waterproof material, one layer of non-woven fabric and one layer waterproof. It is fully breathable and dries very quickly.

Weather resistant for all climates. It is perfect for prolonged use both indoors and outdoors, against rain, frost, snow, dirt, pollution, high temperatures, UV rays and much more.

2. Car Cover Silver

It is just what you need to protect completely the finish of your car. Its super reflective aluminum has a very soft cotton interior so that your brassware does not scratch.

It helps you to keep painting of your car clean and neat. It is ideal for keeping a new wash and wax longer. Aluminum reflects UV rays from the sun and helps prevent your car from heating up.

3. Universal cover extra long

This cover has durable polypropylene Single layer, protect your car from dust, debris, liquids, paint, falling objects, and UV exposure.

Made with double seams that provide greater durability And non-abrasive materials won’t scratch your car. The material is breathable, so it improves air flow and reduces condensation.

4. Protective cover easy access

Made with a single layer of durable polyesterSoft, easy to clean and lightweight, it is easy to put on and take off, plus it is designed to resist water pressure.

It has a zipper on the driver’s door for a easy accessI also has straps on the front and rear to protect your automatic cover from strong winds.

5. Breathable cape of protection

It is made of 6 layers of high density and breathable, waterproof and dust resistant materials. Additionally, the aluminum foil is sun resistant and anti UV.

Protect your car against all kinds of weather, too effectively protects your vehicle against harmful UV rays, dirt, dust, snow, industrial pollutants and bird droppings.

6. Waterproof Cover for truck

This cover is made of high density polyester fabric which greatly improves the useful life of the car cover. It is waterproof and much more resistant to wear.

It is perfect for all climates and anywhere, you can protect effectively your vehicle from harmful UV rays, industrial pollutants, snow, dirt, corrosion and more.