Show off smooth, soft and beautiful skin with these products.

Sometimes we can have problems with the tone of our skin, because the tonality is not uniform or simply because we have some marks or scars that make us feel insecure. In this sense, we can turn to a series of products that are specially formulated to help us eliminate imperfections and unify the tone of our skin, like the ones we show you below:

1. Vita Liberata: Body Blur

It is a formula for the face and body that blurs imperfections and reflects light, so you have skin ready to High Definition. It gives you a perfect finish and you can also use it as a base makeup.

You must apply little dots pea-sized along the extremities, and then you just have to mix it really well in wide circular motions and your skin will look perfect.

2. DermaBlend: Makeup for Legs and Body

Contains pigments of high performance to easily cover a wide range of body blemishes such as varicose veins, stretch marks, tattoos, scars, age spots, birthmarks and bruises.

his light formulaIt can be assembled and mixed and provides hydration throughout the day. It also protects your skin because it contains SPF 25, and is suitable for all skin types.

3. Jergens: Skin cream


This body lotion offers you five benefits: moisturizes, brightens, unifies the tone of your skin, reaffirms and corrects the appearance of defects. You should use it instead of your daily moisturizing lotion.

The subtle shine provides luminosity, while the blurred effect hides all the imperfections of your skin. Additionally, this cream improves the appearance of cellulite and is suitable for all skin tones.

4. Bairly Sheer: Body Cover High intensity

Use a airbrush technology in a can. This spray coverage is super effective and does not look or feel heavy. It is dermatologically tested and is suitable for use on all skin types, including sensitive ones.

This body covering is lightweight, odorless and without transfer. Lasts up to 18 hours of coverage. It is ideal for covering varicose veins, bruises, tattoos and you can also use it as a base for full coverage.

5. Boo-Boo: Body coverage

It’s a cream specially formulated to cover blemishes and marks on your skin, while healing them. You can use it on the skin of your face and throughout your body.

You can unify your skin tone, cover scars, marks, tattoos, stretch marks and show off a lot of skin healthier. It is ideal to use it as a base for your makeup or simply as a covering.

6. Juicy Skin Care: Body lotion


This body lotion contains macadamia oils and aloe vera extract that are absorbed exceptionally well by the skin and stimulate its natural regenerative process.

The shine gives your skin an instant golden appearance, with a soft and flexible finish, leaving you a rich and fruity fragrance. Corrects your imperfections and makes you look spectacular.