An essential part to stimulate weightloss it is based on the correct feeding; And this is because the body needs the adequate nutrients for its optimal functioning. Something important to consider is protein intake, since you are providing the body with all the energy it needs, while stimulating healthy muscle development. Thinking about this, here we show you the best 6 Protein shakes so that you complement your diet.

1. Meal substitute with spawn flavor

A powder mix that has more than 20 vitamins and minerals for the optimal functioning of the organism. This smoothie can be made in minutes and contains all the protein and carbohydrates from a complete meal.

Start the day with an exquisite smoothie flavored with Strawberry that gives you all the energy to perform efficiently throughout the day. It is a practical solution to help you lose weight and eat properly at the same time.

2. Protein formula vegan

Chocolate-flavored protein complex made with high-quality, organically grown ingredients. It is a formula made entirely with proteins from vegetable origin and gluten free.

Enjoy this great drink that fills you with energy and gives your body all the vitamins and minerals you need for your day to day. Each serving of this supplement contains 20g protein.

3. Smoothie lean protein and fiber

A meal replacement made from protein from wheat organically grown that along with 16 vitamins and minerals extracted from various fruits and vegetables result in a smoothie mix of high nutritional value. Its patented formula also helps to better absorb nutrients and stimulates the digestive system.

It is a drink full of proteins, vitamins and fiber of vegetable origin that contributes to a more balanced diet and provides you with the energy necessary to face the challenges that each day brings.

4. Protein powder enriched with probiotics

Vegetarian extract with 12 vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of the body. Each serving of this vanilla-flavored mix gives you a few 6g of probiotics to your daily diet.

A quality product that stimulates the proper functioning of your digestive system, at the same time that it improves circulation throughout the body. The formula is completely free of preservatives and proteins of animal origin.

5. Mix for smoothies with super food

Multivitamin powder made from super food of vegetable origin such as European potatoes, wild rice, alfalfa and broccoli. Each serving of this protein shake contains a total of 20g protein with no added sugar.

A formula made with the highest quality ingredients, which when digested provide a vitamin and mineral reinforcement that stimulates the proper functioning of the digestive and circulatory systems and accelerates the process of nutrient absorption.

6. Protein reinforcement based on green peas

A proprietary formula made entirely from green peas organically grown that adds 22g of protein to your daily diet. This vegan blend is completely free of added sugars, preservatives, or flavorings.

It is an exclusive protein supplement that provides your body with all the properties and benefits of peas in their natural state. Every smoothie you make with this formula will be completely soy and gluten free.