The best way to release your stress after a day of work.

A great way to enjoy a nice read or a great movie at home is without a doubt in the comfort of a armchair. You can place it in any space in your house and relax in it after a long day of work. The best of reclining, is that by raising the height of your legs it also allows you improve circulation on your body and have a better posture for your spine. That is why here we show you some options that you will surely love to have at home.

1. Recliner armchair vegan leather


It is upholstered with Durable PU, waterproof and very easy to clean. The legs and frame are designed from solid wood to provide stability.

This chair has a foot extension double function and a reclining backrest that will surely help you relax and eliminate stress.

2. Reclining Chair with remote control

It is a swivel recliner massage and ottoman stationary with 9 massage modes and 5 intensity levels. Remote control for heat, massage options and timer.

Let your worries melt away with this recliner, which not only gives you soothing warmth, but also massages you relieve stress without leaving home.

3. Padded Armchair with cup holders


It is a recliner frame solid wood, compact in size with footrest extension and reclining backrest. It is ideal for children.

For greater security it has a additional cover of the included headrest, cup holder and durable upholstery and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

4. Reclining chair especially for gamers


Made with top quality material, with PU leather and thick padding of high resistance, what improves your experience and your rest.

It comes with a soft headrest, lumbar support and footrest. Adjustment for three levels of incline, three-point support on your head, lower back and legs, and a compartment on the side to store your books and TV remote control.

5. Reclining Armchair classic style


This piece of furniture complements any room, as it is elegantly made with nail edging and a diamond design with buttons for a sophisticated look in the living room.

You just have to lie down to lift the footrest and recline slightly the chair to enjoy your favorite movie or just a moment of relaxation.

6. Chair Push Recliner


With a traditional design Updated with contemporary improvements, the chair has smooth lines and cylindrical armrests for good support of your entire body.

The backrest is generously padded with high density foam. To fully recline this chair, just push your arms and lean against the back until you reach the desired position.