Decorate your bathroom and avoid accidents with these rugs.

The rugs are very useful items in the home, since they not only work for decorate Our spaces also help us to walk safely. Having a proper mat will not only give you stability when leaving the bathtub, but it will give a nice decoration in the sanitary room of your house. So we present 6 of the best anti-slip mats by the time you get out of the shower.

1. Lifewit: Non-slip bath mat

Made of cotton fiber with Chenille threadsThis mat absorbs all moisture from the floor and is stain resistant.

You can use it with the security of not falling because it is non-slip and due to its design it is long lasting. Place it in the bathroom or even in the kitchen.

2. Ellendi: Ultra soft mat

The design of this carpet is made of soft flannel and foam material that gives it the necessary padding for the comfort of the feet. It has a size of 60 by 24cm.

It is ideal for use at the head of the bathtub, in double vanities or in the kitchen sink. It is long lasting And you can wash it in cold water and decorate your spaces with this beautiful carpet.

3. Kangaroo: Plush rug

Kangaroo’s beautiful rug is 30 inches long by 20 inches wide, made of thick chenille fabric with high hair that massages tired feet. Absorbs moisture, avoiding accumulating excess water on floors.

You can choose between colors such as lilac, pink, white, gray, blue or brown to give comfort at your feet when it comes to getting out of the shower and decorating your bathrooms with this cute piece.

4. Haocoo: Non-slip washable bath mat

This mat is made of microfibres with the aim of absorb all moisture and dry your feet, with a non-slip bottom made of thermoplastic rubber.

You can find the bath mat at various shades in gradients that combine with your bathroom and will give security to your family since it will always remain in the same place that you place it.

5. Interdesign: Extra large bath mat

This model bring a mesh which makes the humidity generated when leaving the bathroom disperse and has a microfiber layer that absorbs all the water. It is made entirely of polyester.

You can confidently bring this rug into your home because it is non-slip, which will give security to each member of your family. You can wash it because it is long lasting and quick drying.

6. NTTR: Antibacterial rubber mat

This extra long mat is 16 inches wide by 35 inches long, and covers good floor space when getting out of the tub. It is covered by more than 200 suction cups that make it adhere to the floor keeping the security that it will not move from where you place it.

This model can be worn in various colors and adapts to all kinds of environments, to give color and elegance to the spaces of your home, cleans easily and it is long lasting.