A decorative accessory that also offers you security.

It never hurts to place security lanterns in the surroundings of your house, because they allow us to better observe who prowls around. Any measure of security extra will never be too much, and that’s why with these lanterns, in addition to feeling safer at night, you can also decorate your house and your patio. Take a look at these options and choose your favorite.

1. Baisde: waterproof lanterns

Baisde lanterns collect solar energy all day and then automatically turn on at dusk. They come with built-in rechargeable NI-NH battery (600mAh).

Water resistantDurable, they withstand all kinds of weather throughout the year and do not need wiring, and since they only require solar energy, you can place them anywhere you want.

2. SteadyDoggie: low maintenance pendant lantern

SteadyDoggie features a bluff made in antique bronze, metal and glass, innovative technology with flashing rechargeable battery solar panel with LED.

It is weatherproof indoors or outdoors and requires no wiring. Simply place the solar torch in a location with good direct sunlight during the day and away from light sources at night.

3. Fountain Designers: easy to install lantern

This Designers Fountain lantern is made in cast aluminum and a solid black protective finish to prevent pitting, tarnish, corrosion and discoloration.

Installs easily and it is weatherproof. So you will not have many inconveniences to install it in your garden or patio.

4. MAGGIFT: lanterns with two installation modes

MAGGIFT has some lanterns that work with solar energy. Package includes 2 lights and 2 grass hooks.

They support long-term operations and they give you 2 installation modes– Simply hang them on the branches or push the stake on the unit to the soft ground.

5. Tomcare: automatic on / off lanterns

TomCare lanterns are solar energy and they come with a built-in rechargeable battery. No need to use additional power tools.

They are durable and strong outdoors thanks to its ABS plastic material that withstands adverse weather conditions. Also, once it is charged it can last up to ten hours.

6. MAGGIFT: lantern with mounting kit

MAGGIFT has a lantern made of plastic that works with solar energy, which is strong and hermetically sealed.

Comes with a mounting kit For walls, simply screw the lights on any wall or pole and you’ll have an extra light source to keep your patio lit all night long.