The pastry trays They are one of the necessary tools to make your cakes look perfect. They are special for baking, they are made of aluminum, steel or silicone with the main objective that your desserts do not stick with the baking. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. If you are thinking of acquiring these trays, in the next lines we present you 6 sets for you to start in the art of cake shop.

1. Tray set from Amazon Basics

If you are about to start baking, Amazon Basics has for you its kit six trays made of carbon steel resistant to high temperatures. They all have a non-stick coating to prevent food from sticking and make washing easier.

This kit contains a 9 x 12.7 cm pan ideal for sliced ​​bread, another for muffins; two 22.8 cm diameter round and two square, one high and one low to bake cookies.

2. Nine non-stick pieces from Wilton

The dessert tray kit Wilton brand includes two cupcake molds, one 12 medium and one 24 minis, with its cooling rack. One 10 x 16 inch bread pan and one 9.3 x 2.8 inch refrigeration pan. One round and one square and two rectangular for cookies and feet.

This kit is made of aluminum with non-stick material, each tray has its handles to ensure a good grip and offer security. The brand offers lifetime warranty. The trays are dishwasher safe. If you are thinking of a gift, this may be an option.

3. Amazon Basics: glass trays

One of the options for making desserts are the glass trays. These have oval corners made of borosilicate glass, ideal for extreme temperatures because you can bake at up to 250ºC and also store in a refrigerator for cold desserts.

Trays are 13 x 9 inches the largest and 1 x 7 inches the smallest. This kit is dishwasher safe, so you can use in microwave but do not heat directly on the stove. Dare to try the glass in your pastry works.

4. Five pieces with Premium coating

The CopperKitchenUSA brand has for you its set of five pieces of copper with Premium nonstick for quick and easy release of your baked desserts. Contains a 12-space cupcake or muffin tray, a 14.6 x 10.04 inch low cookie tray.

It also includes a loaf pan, an 8.9 x 1.8 inch square pan, and a 9 inch diameter by 1.38 inch deep pan. This kit is made from organic materials.

5. Intriom: trays with silicone handles

The Intriom brand set presents its trays with silicone handles for more comfort and safety in the grip. It has a baking tray 12 medium cupcakes, another sliced ​​bread tray, a square, a round and a large rectangular.

In the trays you can not only bake desserts but also you can use them for stews, which will not stick either because they have a non-stick surface. The trays are resistant up to 400º Fahrenheit and the manufacturer guarantees long life without rusting or deforming.

6. Boxiki Kitchen: Silicone trays

Although many consider the option of using silicone baking trays incredulous, the Boxiki Kitchen brand has its three tray kit, the square 8.5 inches long and wide x 1.75 inches deep. The round one is 9 inches in diameter by 2 inches high and the bread pan measures 8.5 inches x 4 x 2.75 high.

The silicone trays are totally non-stick, keep their shape even after many uses due to its stainless steel frame making them durable and resistant to stains and odors.