You don’t need to have a house with a patio to have your own garden.

A yard It is a relaxing space that allows you to distract yourself and create a pleasant atmosphere through the care of different plants. And contrary to the belief of many, it is not necessary to have a house with a patio or an outdoor space to have your own garden, and we show you with these shelves and furniture that you can place anywhere so that your plants are the stars of any room. Take a look at these options and choose your favorites:

1. Unho: Wood support for plants


Made of Pinewood, strong enough to hold many pots and weighing up to 20 pounds. It is simple and practical to be located in any space you want.

It is designed with 6 layers of space general display and visual diversity to turn a garden space inside your house into a paradise of beautiful natural plants.

2. Gift & Decor: Wrought iron shelf


It is a support for plants made with wrought iron, It has 3 graduated shelves for the exhibition of plants. Its design evokes a country house gate, with motifs of apple branches.

You can have it anywhere in your house, in addition to being functional it is decorative at the same time. It is the most practical, decorative and versatile way to enjoy the wonders of the garden indoors.

3. Moutik: Metal shelf Four Levels

These supports can be folded for a easy storage and they are very easy to reassemble. The tiered structure of these shelves give your plants extra height so they can shine in all their glory.

You can place it in any corner of the room, it allows you display beautifully plants, pots and flowers to decorate the space you want in your home. A green space to give air to your house.

4. Giantex: Wooden Display Shelves


Is a lovely stand of plants with natural wood construction that is very resistant. Its layered design allows you to place plants at different levels and heights.

Ideal to place it in any space in your living room or dining room, its shape allows you to place it glued to the wall or also as a kind of stool that allows you divide spaces with beautiful plants.

5. Garden Support indoor


Your favorite potted plants will love being on this beautiful metal stand. It is made of solid metal. It is very resistant and it has the capacity to support pots between 30 and 60 KG.

This plant stand is very elegant, you can make your great green showcase in any room you want to decorate at home. It is the ideal choice for a small indoor garden.

6. Folding Wooden Stand ladder style

The wood plant holder features two shelves that will artistically display your pots. his stable bottom means that it will not collapse. It has a staircase design that gives it a vintage style.

You can place it for harmonize any space inside your home. It will give you that fresh and green hue of the gardens.