A new way of watching television at home.

When we get home after a long day at work, the first thing we want is to find a special space for rest. So see TV It is still one of the favorite pastimes of most families, and with the arrival of Smart TV or smart televisions we now have access to endless programming and high-quality content at our fingertips and from hundreds of platforms. Take a look at these options and start enjoying the new generation of TV in the comfort of your home.

1. TCL: With Roku platform

This model of the 2018 32-inch black color, has wide dimensions in its screen with horizontal lines resolution in 1080p, which will give you a realistic image in full HD.

The Smart TV with direct lighting LEDs, has 3 High Definition Multimedia Interface inputs, 1 USB and a headphone jack that will allow you to have at home, the projection of more than 5,000 channels and access to a universe of more than 500,000 movies of the platform Roku TV.

2. Badge: Fire TV Edition

At 15.9 inches, this Smart TV will allow you to enter a universe of channels with live streaming and applications such as Netflix, HBO, SHOWTIME among others, with high-quality image on a unified screen and various inputs and outputs for connection to other devices.

The Fire TV experience includes the Virtual Assistant skills of Amazon: Alexa, which with the sound of your voice gives you the opportunity to group a wide range of functions in a single remote control from the comfort of your home.

3. Samsung: Greater range of light and colors

When turning on the slim and modern design TV we observe the content compatible with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology that will bring you closer to the reality of the action, for the flash of light and colors that will dissipate in your room.

At home, lthe youngest will have fun Seeing his favorite series and comics in bright colors. The device will give you access to all the transmissions you want with just a click of the remote control of Samsung, one of the best positioned brands in the world.

4. Scepter: Transmit from your Smartphone or Tablet

The 40-inch, high-resolution piece will give you the opportunity to broadcast content from your cell phone or tablet compatible with Scepter TV technology.

With a full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 it will give you stability in the movement of images and action scenes. Just mount it on your living room wall to enjoy this device.

5. Vizio: With integrated Wi-Fi

40 inch screen You have access to all applications with Chromecast technology that will give you access to more than 200 thousand programs and play thousands of songs on platforms such as Netflix, Youtube and Hulu.

The integrated Wi-Fi will allow application download They will be displayed on the HD device and easy to install in your room.

6. LG Electronics: Vivid colors

The edition of the house LG Electronics, presents a 5 inch black modelUltra-slim with inputs for USB connections and Wi-Fi built into the system.

Its intelligent system offers you high levels of definition and colors that will make the experience of watching television the most realistic of all.