A product that you must include in your daily routine.

Maintain a good balance of pH in our body it is extremely important, since this is a defense system that the genitals to avoid infections and other ailments in the private parts. Experts assure that an alkaline pH does not develop cancer cells, and for that special care, we present you the 6 best options for intimate soaps to keep this protective system of your body balanced.

Protective liquid soap from Health Care

Intimate feminine hygiene product with a scientific formula that protects your skin because it ccontains chamomile oil extracts and its pH range 4-5 allows it to adapt to all intimate areas.

This dermatologically tested product, you can use it daily and will serve as a natural antioxidant because it is enriched with vitamins A and E, which maintain the moisture and health of your skin making it feel fresh and healthy.

2. Felce Azzurra: Intimate Liquid Soap

This soap is compatible with the most sensitive skin for its balanced PH that does not alter your intimate area because it is composed of natural mallow extract that controls the well-being of your area.

The intimate soap will give you a feeling of freshness that will make you feel a sense of cleanliness and daily protection.

3. Natura: Intimate soap delicate

With a delicate aroma we present this ideal soap for your intimate area that neutralizes bad smells and it has been tested by dermatologists and gynecologists certifying its use.

It is made to be used in your day to day, even when you are in your menstrual period.

4. Bond: Intimate soap for men

This soap is designed for men who take care of their intimate hygiene, especially those with strong sweat or irritable skin.

The product can be used in the armpits and face reducing bacteria, because gentlemen must also take care of the pH from your intimate area.

5. Nivea: Daily intimate lotion

If you are looking for a daily intimate soap, this 200 milliliter Nivea presentation will give you a feeling of purity and freshness because it contains lactic acid to keep intimate areas healthy.

Maintaining natural acidity with chamomile extract It will calm any type of irritation and you can use it several times in your day, since it is clinically proven.

6. EnjoCho: Natural Whitening Intimate Soap

This multifunctional soap is handmade especially for your intimate area, hydrating it with its natural ingredients that help to remove the extra coloration from your skin.

It can be applied in all skin types and it will give you a nice smell.