Monitor what happens in your home at all times, and without anyone knowing.

It never hurts to have a camera surveillance at home, because it can be used for many purposes; how to watch the baby, for the safety of the House, to monitor the cleaning service and even to see your pet while you are at work. That is why this time we recommend the best spy cameras that you can place in your house and be able to keep it always under surveillance without anyone noticing.

1. AMDISI: easy to install mini spy camera

AMDISI has a mini resolution camera HD 1080P and 150 degrees wide angle, built-in rechargeable battery and built-in magnet. Its compact design will allow you to hide it well. Compatible with Iphone Y Android.

It gives you smart motion detection, wifi connection, 6 infrared lights No luminance, 6M night vision distance and remote on or off. The camera captures details clearly and gives you greater visibility of everything that happens in the room.

2. ZZCP: waterproof mini spy camera

ZZCP has a 1080P HD mini camera and 140 ° wide angle. Includes a durable plastic waterproof case ideal for use as an outdoor sports mini DV. Compatible with Iphone Y Android.

It is raincoat, wireless, and features motion detection and infrared night vision. It is so compact that you can put it in your pocket or neck with the included clip.

3. COCOPP: mini camera hidden in digital watch

COCOPP has a hidden mini camera 1080P HD and 157 degree wide angle. It comes with 2300mA rechargeable battery included.

He offers you night vision, motion detection, wifi connection and loop recording. The best thing is that you can turn off the Led time light by pressing the “More” button.

4. AREBI: Mini Spy Camera with Dull Infrared

AREBI’s mini camera it has 1080P and 150 degree wide angle. The compact design makes it easy to hide anywhere you want in your home. It has an internal magnet, which can adsorb any iron surface.

With it you will have motion alerts activated, dull infrared night vision, recording during charging, instant playback, remote recordings and many more.

5. Meta-Lens: mini camera hidden in charger

The Meta-Lens mini camera has 1080 Full HD, a capacity up to 64 GB SD memory card and compatibility with Iphone and Android.

Wireless motion detection and multiple device connection At the same time, it is the best this camera has to offer you. If you prefer, you can place it on a wall bracket.

6. Kkeep: mini camera with loop recording

Kkeep’s mini camera features with high definition 1920 x 1080p 30fps, 1080P HD and 150 ° wide angle. It is compatible with Iphone and Android.

It gives you night vision, Motion detection, 6 hidden infrared LEDs without lighting, loop recording and wifi connection. You will have a fantastic night experience even in a dark environment and with total protection to see the entire room at night.