Take care of the interior of your car and avoid overheating with these parasols.

The parasols they can become our best allies to lead in the car during the hottest days of the year, as they minimize the effects of Sun on us and on the upholstery, as well as they can significantly lower the temperature inside so that passengers can feel safe and comfortable during the journey. And now that you know its importance, we present you a list with 6 options and their characteristics to help you choose the most suitable one according to your needs and those of your vehicle.

Folding parasol set for windows

Parasol made with a breathable and elastic nylon mesh which helps protect your children from the glare of the sun and ultraviolet rays. You can extend it up to 44 by 20 inches to adapt it to the window of your vehicle and fold it to store it in the glove compartment. Package includes 2 pieces.

It is easy to install due to its compact design that allows you to place it on the outside of the door frame so you can lower the window and enjoy the fresh air while staying protected; In addition, it creates a privacy space since it blocks the view from the outside.

2. Set of magnetized parasols

They are parasols that come with breathable mesh designs that adapt to the side windows thanks to their secure magnetized grip for easy installation, thus providing a safe and fresh ride without the need to block your view.

They are ideal and necessary for rear seat passengers, especially children who need all the protection available against harmful sun rays, since they will prevent its effects from striking directly against the interior of the vehicle.

3. Set of 4 elastic parasols

Parasols made of elastic and flexible mesh that Fits most of cars with 35-by-59-inch windows. The package comes with 2 protection blinds for the rear windows and 2 for the front ones.

These useful parts can be installed while the vehicle windows remain down, so that passengers can also enjoy the natural breeze, while protect against UV rays and mosquitoes.

4. Type parasols retractable umbrellas

This set of 2 retractable car side window umbrellas are made of sturdy plastic mesh that works to block most of the sun’s harmful rays. Its measurements are 12 by 24 inches, and you can keep them in your handbag when not in use.

Each piece is easily installed with three suction cups and adjusts so you decide how much shade you need. Also works to protect seat upholstery, guaranteeing that the environment of the car is fresh for the passengers.

5. Set of 4 parasols compact and foldable

Set of automatic static fixing parasols that provide the adequate protection to block the sun from inside the vehicle and keep it fresh. It has a diameter of 25 by 15 inches and 18 by 15 inches, this allows you to adapt them to the different sizes of windows.

They are designed to block 97% of the sun’s harmful rays, so that children and pets feel protected from the summer heat while traveling by car. Further, they are light and foldable pieces that you can store comfortably when you are not using them.

6. Set of parasols with double layer

It is a set of parasols that has a double layer of blinds to cover the door, block UV rays and Provides SPF40 + protection. They are easy to store parts, with a flexible and durable mesh that is available in sizes M and L so you can adapt them to most cars.

These blinds cover the car door without the need to stick to the glass, this offers the advantage of rolling it up and you can feel the breeze flowing while the window remains open, while blocks the entry of insects.

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