The 6 best survival kits you should bring when you go camping

An indispensable tool for your adventure holidays this season.

An excellent experience to enjoy during free days or vacations is to leave camping. This wonderful adventure of being in contact with the nature and enjoy the outdoors, it deserves that you have all the necessary supplies, especially when it comes to an emergency. That is why here we show you the best survival kits What you should take with you on your next camping trip:

1. Team Outdoor Survival


Is a waterproof case 6 in 1, including versatile stainless steel card, fire starter, compass, wire saw, emergency whistle, multifunctional pliers and emergency blanket.

Very strong and durablePerfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It is necessary for camping, hiking, hunting, biking and more to survive in emergencies.

2. Survival equipment Compact


This 11-in-1 survival kit is designed to meet the needs in different environments. Includes fire starter, compass, scraper, whistle, mirror signal, flashlight, swiss card, wire saw and box.

It is necessary in camping, hiking, adventure, survival and in emergency situations. This kit is extremely useful And you can put it in your backpack, car, drawers and more.

3. Survival Kit in Travel Case


Expertly designed and developed with additional testing and use, this kit keeps you going insurance in any situation with its LED flashlight, tactical pen, multifunction pocket card, whistle, flint and compass.

This kit has been packed in a discreet case, super compactDurable, waterproof and easy to carry because it’s the size of a small book. It is the smartest and most compact of its kind.

4. Kit Survival 9 in 1


Contains multifunctional pliers, blanket, whistle, fire starter, compass, saber card stainless steel, wire saw, wire keychain and shockproof black box.

It is compact, portable and easy to carry. You can put it in a backpack, cars, pockets, drawers, hiking gear, and camping gear. You can take it wherever you want.

5. Survival kit specialized


This kit has tools for numerous emergency situations, with 12 pieces of equipment, including a real bracelet 550 Paracord over 120 inches with over 120 inches of string.

It has the most powerful survival feathers in full metal, designed with a safety glass breaker on the back and made entirely of metal. You carry it comfortably in any package or bag.

6. Emergency team All terrain


Is a tactical bag with 8L waterproof crossbody bag and filled with 25 pieces of survival gear and emergency tools.

Thanks to its compact size you can store comfortably in the glove compartment of your car or under the seat. You can always carry it with you and it is undoubtedly the ideal companion for your camping days.