Forget about puddles and dirt in every corner of the house.

When we have a puppy At home, one of the main tasks is to teach them to relieve themselves, generally in a specific place that we determine for it. A fundamental tool are the training matsThey tell your dog where his toilet will be and they are also very hygienic. Below we show you the best options available to you and your new friend.

1. AmazonBasics: Training Pad Of pets


They offer superior performance and reliable comfort for your little friend to learn more easily. The nucleus super absorbent converts liquid to gel on contact and is leak-proof designed.

The top layer offers your pet a padded surface of fast dry It blocks moisture, reduces moisture, and blocks crawling. Help your puppy and make cleaning easier.

2. Glad: Pads Activated Carbon Training


They are made with five layers of resistance for protection leak proofThe activated carbon layer absorbs odor and yellow spots, while the polymer layer absorbs and retains liquid.

These pads use a pheromic attractant, which helps make training your puppy easier because they tell him exactly where to go. They are easy to clean and throw away once they have become dirty.

3. Paws & Pals: Training Pads for pets


Resistant to breakage and leak proofThese urination pads are designed for the long haul and stay in place while your pet is in business.

They are ideal for training pets of all sizes, in addition to minimize odors, making them a great choice for those long work days and they are incredibly easy to clean.

4. Mednet Direct: Pads with Deodorant and Attractant


They are equipped with an attractant to tempt and encourage your puppy to use the pad. They have 3 layers of protection with a super absorbent gel that can hold more than 8 cups of liquid.

Plastic leak test provides leak protection and makes cleaning tasks a breeze. In addition to helping you train your pet, they help you save money.

5. Hartz: Gel pads for dogs


They are made with Flash-Dry technology that instantly turns urine into gel, avoiding wet feet, crawling and runoff. Further, neutralizes odors and does not mask them.

Its 6-layer construction with technology gel creates a small urine spot, allowing your dog to find fresh and clean spots for multiple uses per pad.

6. Mednet Direct: Pads for pets


They are equipped with an attractant to tempt and encourage your puppies to use it. It has 6 very absorbent protection layers, made with polymer technology that turns the liquid into gel to prevent leaks.

They contain a deodorant that absorbs odors and keeps your home cool, in addition to helping train your puppies, makes cleaning easier from your home and keep everything in order.