The indispensable accessory to travel with your dog.

If you’re about to leave travel and you don’t want to leave your dog at home, the best option is to have a cage so that the little one is protected during the journey to your destination. In this way, you can take your darling with you pet without major inconvenience on your next vacation.

1. AmazonBasics: Two-door opening cage

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Comfortable travel cage for pets, especially medium-sized dogs. It has two doors in a top-loading model, which make it easy to load your cat or dog. It is made of durable plastic material, in addition to having a front door with steel cables. Its measurements are: 23 x 15 x 13 inches.

Ideal option to take your dog with you to your next travel destination. Is plastic cage It is made to provide safety and comfort to the animal throughout the journey, avoiding any type of abuse.

2. Whisker Doodle: Ventilation and visibility at all times

Pet carrier that provides a ventilation and optimal visibility throughout the journey. Cage made of strong plastic and steel wire, which has an elegant design. It comes in two sizes, adaptable for pets up to 10 or 15 pounds.

A cage of plastic safe and reliable that seeks to protect your little canine companions during the entire travel process. The resistant material of this house allows an optimal comfort space for your pets.

3. Pet Magasin: Pet Cage with Hard Shell


Spacious carrier for medium-sized pets, especially for dogs and cats. It measures 17 ″ long by 13 ″ high and 14 ″ wide. In turn, it has a superior base and hard disk that offer greater robust protection. Includes a mat for the comfortable rest of your pet.

With this conveyor Your pet will feel at ease on any trip you decide to undertake without needing to leave it in the care of others. Comfortable and safe for your little canine companion to transport without problems.

4. PetAmi: Bag type travel cage


Carrier with soft sides for your pet companion to travel safely. It measures 19.5 long x 10.2 wide x 12 inches tall. Likewise, it can adapt to small and medium-sized dogs. It has a buckle and a safety strap to avoid possible leaks.

It is a design thought to provide comfort and comfort to your canine, which can be calm until reaching its destination. This option is ideal for short trips or by car.

5. Petmate: Strong cage with optimal ventilation

Booth made of sturdy plastic in addition to recycled parts. It has ample ventilation so that the dog does not suffer any inconvenience during the trip. It comes in different sizes, usually being 3 to 4 inches taller and wider than the pet.

This dog cage consists of a attractive design and comfortable alike. Designed so that your canine companion does not suffer any mistreatment during the journey you are about to make.

6. SportPet Designs: Plastic house with food containers


Construction of sturdy plastic and durable. Cage made to undertake short and long range trips. It consists of a 36 ”waterproof pet bed made by SportPet Designs. Easy to assemble for all types of dogs. It measures 39 x 27 x 30 inches, and supports up to 26.25 lbs.

Ideal for transporting your medium or small size dog. Is stand not only offers comfort for the animal, but also security thanks to the resistant plastic material with which it is made.