Keep your food longer and keep everything in perfect order.

To have organized our home is essential to maintain the harmony of all those who live at home and share spaces, and the fridge it is also part of those spaces. That is why this time we will show you the best options to keep your fridge perfectly ordered and clean, and prolong the life of your food.

1. Sorbus: Containers for fridge

It is a 6-piece set that includes 2 wide drawers, a small can dispenser and a drawer for lay up to 14 eggs. Each container is paraben free.

This container is suitable for placing fruits, vegetables and other foods inside the fridge or freezer. Its handles will make removal easier.

2. InterDesign: Organizer with handles

This organizer with integrated handles for better movement, has a intermediate divider to separate the articles. Each box measures 12 by 4 inches that will fit in every space in your fridge.

You can store in them food, drinks, juices, vegetables, fruits and any item you want to store in your fridge or freezer, since resist high temperatures.

3. Plastic trays stackable

This storage comes with side handles for better performance and is made of durable BPA and sturdy plastic to chlorine.

You can use it to store food, fruits and vegetables as well as other supplements that go in the freezer or refrigerator and so keep your food fresh and organized.

Removable drawers for the fridge

Made of durable, food-grade, BPA-free plastic, it can hold up to 33 pounds and its spaciousness gives visibility to food inside the fridge. Fits most refrigerators and has easy-slide rails.

It is perfect for organize canned drinks, vegetables, meats, eggs, cheeses, packaged and frozen vegetables as well as other foods of your choice.

5. Pantry cabinet for fridge

This storage comes in a set of 8 drawers made of durable BPA and plastic resistant to breakage and chlorine to store food safely.

It is an essential element in your refrigerator that will facilitate the organization of your food comfortably by the width of each drawer, giving you visibility of each item you keep.

6. Storage tray by InterDesign

This container has durable plastic walls with transparent design to see food and each tray measures 10 by 6 by 5 dimensions that works everywhere.

The tray you can use it to save your grocery items favorites like red meat, baby food, cheese, beverage boxes, yogurts and more.