The tricycles They are a classic toy that all children love, especially if they are used outdoors. In addition, it is one of the best methods for the little ones to strengthen their legs and heart while pedaling, as well as helping them to improve their senses of balance, coordination and reflexes, all without losing the fun. Therefore, we invite you to continue reading so that you know the best models by less than $ 100 that guarantee security so that you are calm while your children play.

1. Radio Flyer: Tricycle with retro design

This stainless steel frame trike measures approximately 27 by 24 inches. It is designed with adjustable seat, airless tires, covered compartment and locking pedals for parents. Its price is $ 69.99.

It is ideal for children between 2 to 5 years of ageSince it has an innovative pedal mechanism so that little riders can rest their feet while parents use the removable handle when they are starting their adventure as a pilot.

2. 4-in-1 tricycle with roof

It is a tricycle that can be adapted in four different ways as children grow older, thanks to its adjustment system that involves a push handle, retractable pedals, removable 3-point harness, high-back seat, cup holder and a hood attached to the handle. You can get it at a price of $ 96.99.

It has all the mechanisms to guarantee the protection of children between 10 months to 5 years of age, and it also has a roof that protect them from the harmful rays of the sunShock-resistant rear wheels and wide rear brakes ensure a safe ride.

3. Smartrike: Tricycle with trunk

Tricycle built with a sturdy metal frame It includes anti-slip pedals, a push handle with removable touch handlebar and patented shock absorbers in the front to smooth out bumps on the road. It is available at $ 59.99.

It has a 3-in-1 design for you to adapt to every stage of your children’s growth, allowing them to practice pedaling, but with full parental control until they can learn to move the pedals independently.

4. Schwinn: Luxury tricycle

It is a steel frame trike that has a low center of gravity for easy riding. Likewise, it comes with a sculpted seat that can be adjusted in five positions to suit children 2-4 years old. Its price is $ 89.99.

It has a back cover made of genuine wood, with chrome scalloped fenders, a bell and tassels on the handles, all these are characteristics that will make your children look like a classic motorcyclist.

5. Kinderfeet: 2-in-1 tricycle without pedals

This 2-in-1 pedalless trike has a wooden frame that fits wide tires that guarantees greater driving comfort, an adjustable padded seat and non-toxic grips. It is priced at $ 79.

It is designed with three wheels that as your legs get stronger can be adapted to only two, this method will help your children use their feet so that they learn to walk from their first year of age.

6. PlayMonster: 2-in-1 tricycle with short handle

This 2-in-1 tricycle can be transformed into a fun bicycle as your children get older. It is a model made with a resistant material frame that combines with a restricted radius handle that prevents the child from crashing, cuffs that protect their hands and grip tires. The price is $ 49.99.

It is a good method to teach them to balance and develop their driving skills, since the idea is to start with three wheels and change it to two when the little ones are ready. Furthermore, it is available in six colors so that children can choose their favorite.