A new convenient and practical way of not running out of battery.

There is nothing more useful and practical than a backpack; It is the universal container for all our belongings, with the advantage that it allows us to keep our hands free. The backpacks have been used for generations, from the smallest to the largest in the house and, like everything else, have been updated and adapted to our time. Now, in addition to containing our belongings, they also allow us to always keep loaded our devices most essential. Take a look at these models:

1. BLSTECH: Backpack with laptop compartment


It is made with nylon high density, load-bearing, waterproof and suture-reinforced for high-density automobiles. Its internal design has a rechargeable USB interface.

The comfortable laptop backpack is a water proofIts shoulder straps have breathable mesh with a built-in sponge. Reduce pressure on your shoulders, heat dissipation and easier transport.

2. Swissdigital: RFID protected backpack

This sturdy backpack features a USB charging port, giving you a quick access to charge your phone and all your electronic devices in a comfortable and free way.

his great capacity 15 independent pockets, allows you to have all your belongings organized. You can use it to go to school, work, on the go or just on your day to day.

3. FLSK: Backpack Anti Theft


It has an external Micro-USB port with configured charging cable, which allows you to comfortably charge your cell phone and other electronic devices and travel accessories.

Its comfortable airflow design with thick but soft padding with multi-panel ventilation gives you the maximum support. It guarantees a safe and lasting use for each day.

4. Ranvoo: Backpack Raincoat


his lightweight design Makes it easy to carry, it is made of durable and eco-friendly nylon fabric, with two curved S-shaped padded shoulder straps and shoulder belt made of breathable honeycomb material.

The built-in USB cable Use it to connect the power bank, then connect your phone with the USB cable so you can conveniently charge it. You can also connect your headphones in hands-free mode.

5. Backpack with Aluminum handle


You keep all your items safe and organized, in three spacious main compartments. Its padded backrest and straps make it more comfortable to wear.

Its USB charging port and headphone hole design, its practical design with a luggage strap, the aluminum handle and its anti-theft design with fixed password lock make you not want to leave your backpack for a day.

6. Kopack: Backpack Waterproof


This laptop backpack includes in its design a hidden compartment on the back that gives you easy access to the computer, without exposing your personal items.

Its USB charging cable is convenient to load your smartphones, tablets and all your devices. You can remove the built-in cable so you can easily clean it.

7. Uniwalk: Casual style backpack

It is made of waterproof polyester fabric, it provides you a tough performance and durable with minimal weight. Its padded back panel offers additional support for your back and maximum comfort.

It offers you a loading experience convenient when you walk, simply by connecting your portable charger with an electronic device. It also has a headphone jack to enjoy your favorite music.