There is nothing else healthy and rich that freshly made juices at home, because among its main benefits we have that they are rich in antioxidants, provide phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and allow us to maintain a healthy weight in addition to losing excess fat. That is why this time we show you the best options for fast and easy to use juicers at home, with which you can prepare the best natural juices to start your morning:

1. Eurolux: 160 watt juicer


This juicer made of stainless steel Features 160 watts soft grip and user friendly lid. Its integrated filter captures the holes for a richer and cleaner juice extraction.

It gives you adaptability to a variety of fruits as well as maximum juice extraction. On the other hand, its handle is soft grip, allowing you to stop and reduce pressure without feeling discomfort. Finally, the suction cups prevent the deterioration of the surface of your kitchen table, also guaranteeing a secure fit.

2. Proctor Silex: juicer with detachable jug

Weighing 34 oz, the fruit juice squeezer features a detachable jug and the ability to be used in the dishwasher.

He offers you 2 reamers with nested storage for large and small citrus with a pulp control dial plus a full-color recipe book.

3. It cures: double cone juicer

The juicer 160 watt stainless steelIt comes with two nesting cones for easy storage when you’re done squeezing.

With this juicer not only you can have two conesYou can also combine the control of a manual juicer with the power of the high-performance pure copper motor.

4. Black & Decker: 34 ounce automatic juicer

30 watt and 34 ouncesThe juice squeezer features adjustable pulp control and a removable basket.

They offer you the maximum extraction of juice and a easy to read measurement, which will be very useful if you are learning the art of cooking. In addition, its spout spout will prevent dripping.

5. Mueller: juicer with two speeds

The 1100 watt juicer Made of stainless steel, it has a 3 ″ wide supply duct for vegetables and whole fruits. It is BPA free.

It offers anti-drip function, two types of speeds for each fruit or vegetable, micro mesh filter easy to clean and assemble in seconds, and overload protection system.

6. AICOK: quiet motor juicer

Made in safe PMMA material, easy to assemble, operate and clean. Its parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free. The juicer will show minimal oxidation.

With it you will have silent motor function, reverse and a 7-segment spiral that opens each cell for maximum juice yield with less foam and no clogging, so it perfectly extracts nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

7. Hamilton Beach: large mouth juicer

With a three inch big mouth And with 800 watts, this juicer is the ideal model to prepare large quantities of natural juice for the whole family.

It gives you an easy assembly, a extra large pulp container, and adaptability to large foods.