Get the body you want in no time with the help of these girdles.

The way to achieve Body that we want is not exactly a road roses. It requires a lot of perseverance, a good routine of exercises and a good diet. However, there are complementary accessories, such as the use of girdles, which can help us obtain faster and better results. Take a look at these options and choose your favorite.

1. Tecnomed: girdle with lumbar pad

Made with PowernetThe girdle features a lumbar pad, adjustable support straps and a lower back belt. It has a Krik closure system with high resistance velcro that does not leave stains.

Not only you helps reduce inches from your waist immediately, it also helps you reduce pain in your lower back. It will be perfect for lifting weights in the gym.

2. RitFit: lumbar belt for training

The ergonomically designed sash is made of waterproof foam 6-inch. It features a brushed tricot lining and soft edges. Available in various colors. It can be washed by hand.

It reduces the flexion of the spine creating a safer biomechanics for you when he gets up. It also provides you with superior support for your back and abdomen. You can use it on squats, lunges, deadlifts, pushers, bent foot rows, shoulder pressure on the head and much more.

3. Tecnomed: girdle with greater back coverage

Made on PowernetThe girdle features elastic bands with increased coverage, control and adjustable support. Its design gives greater support to your lower back.

Improve the posture of your back while molding your waist and abdomen. You can use it during all your training routines to take care of your back and reduce inches from your waist.

4. Tecnomed: reducing, shaping and protective girdle

The girdle has elastic bands with greater coverage, adjustable control and stand. It also has a Krik closure system with high resistance velcro that does not leave stains.

Cut inches off your waist while improving the posture of your back. Ideal for lifting weights in the gym.

5. Tagefa: double effect girdle

Made of neoprene material, the girdle features a very good elasticity and resistance. Scientifically contoured to fit snugly around your waist.

With it you burn fat and you support your back and hip. The girdle repels sweat and moisture. You can use it while you rest, run, exercise or dance.

6. Abahub: girdle with sauna effect

The belt has been made in Neoprene and latex-free Premium for superior thermal insulation that minimizes slippage. Stretch fabric makes the stomach wrap comfortable. Available in other colors.

Its use improves thermogenic activity of your body by increasing core temperature during exercise, so you burn stomach fat faster. It will be perfect for all exercises.

7. Ann Chery: girdle with high level of understanding

Made of latex With a metallic lining on the outer layer and a cotton lining on the inside that provides freshness and comfort, the girdle has a high level of understanding.

Tea increases thermal activity, which makes it ideal for maximizing gym results. Perfect for intense cardio exercises.