The tendrils they are the quintessential accessory for every woman. Since girls it is the garment that identifies us and makes us look more beautiful. However, the skin sensitivity it causes some tendrils to damage and affect our ears. If this is your case, do not worry, below we show you the best tendrils made with gold specially for take care of your skin.

1. Hoops Two-Tone Gold

These beautiful earrings are crafted in two tones, plated in gold and rhodium, free of lead and nickel. They measure 50mm in length, 30mm in width and weigh approximately 11g.

Are the perfect accessory For your day to day, they are ideal both for going to work, shopping, going out with friends and even for a formal occasion. Its design combines with any garment in your wardrobe.

2. Silver pendants Gold Plated


The earrings are made of 925 sterling silver hypoallergenic 14K yellow gold plated. They are specially designed and made to care for the skin of your ears.

They have a classic design, feminine and very versatile. They are a delicate garment that looks good with any style, complement and highlight your daily appearance, as well as give you a touch of elegance.

3. Round Hoops 14k gold


Delicate elaborate earrings completely by hand handcrafted in 14K yellow gold. Made with a one click heavy duty ring clasp and dimension 0.55 inches in diameter.

They are designed in the style of a hoop earring round and classic, with a shiny and polished finish. They are the perfect complement to look feminine, classic and elegant on any occasion.

Knot tendrils Tissue

These 18mm gold button stud earrings are crafted from 18K gold and plated with 10K gold. They have lifetime warranty and can be used by girls, adolescents and women.

This braided love knot allows you to dazzle every time you use them, their delicate shape and design is perfect for day to day. They are the essential accessory that you should not stop using.

5. Outstanding Round Button

These earrings with stud 14K yellow gold are very light and do not weigh on your earlobes. They do not contain nickel, are very safe to use and do not cause allergies.

They give you a touch of elegant shine. They are valuable accessories to use on any occasion. They have been treated to minimize wear and tear so you can shine longer.

6. Hanging earring Shield


These earrings are modern and elegant, with a simple and complex design at the same time. The combination of light weight and timeless style makes these earrings an everyday favorite.

With its delicate and versatile shape, you can complement any look in your wardrobe. They are very easy to combine and they make you look fabulous no matter the occasion.

7. Geometric Earrings 18k


These minimalist earrings are comfortable and light. They are made of the highest quality brass and then plated with 18K gold. They are safe for sensitive, hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free ears.

Unique threader earrings feature a thin wire flattened into a stunning V-shaped chevron, forming a sophisticated pair of high-gloss hoops that are perfect for everyday wear.