Take care of your child’s delicate skin while playing on sunny summer days.

With the arrival of summer and vacations, there is a clear need to include skincare routines every time we leave home so that we can enjoy the outdoors with our sons. And it is not always the best option to expose children to the sun in a direct way, since their skin does not have all the defenses developed to protect against UV rays. And so that you have one less worry, we present you a list with 7 designs of hats for children that you can take into account when you leave home with your little

1. Cap breathable cotton

It is a hat made with cotton material that is breathable and soft in contact with the skin. You can get it in different colors and adjust to the child’s head with ease.

We can take advantage of sunny days to leave the house and take a walk with our children, but we must bear in mind that children’s skin is more delicate than that of an adult, so it is important to take the necessary measures to protect them and prevent them from harm.

2. Cap with striped design

It is a striped and bucket hat that is made with soft and breathable cotton material. In addition, it is a model available in different sizes to adapt it according to the head of the baby.

It includes a tape system with a mobile opening, this prevents it from locking and that neck injuries can occur, while its large wings protect your eyes and skin from the sun and dust.

3. Printed beanie with breathable mesh

This beanie is made with a breathable mesh that features a reversible design with a goldfish pattern, which fits for girls and boys in an age between 2 to 4 years.

It also comes with a magic closure that helps keep the hat in place in windy conditions, while providing a better fit for protect your face and neck from the sunwhile having fun with outdoor activities.

4. Cap with adjustable straps

It’s a hat with wide edges It is made of breathable cotton fabric, a child-friendly material. In addition, you can request personalized models for ages between 3 to 12 years.

You can combine it with glasses with UV sun protection and with comfortable clothing to cover exposed skin; not forgetting that when temperatures rise, it is important to have water within reach to avoid dehydration.

5. Cap with SPF 50+ protection

It is a reversible hat with sunscreen factor SPF 50+ that is made with a moisture-wicking cotton lining and it is soft on contact with the skin. It features a print with wide edges and a chin strap that can be easily adjusted.

Sometimes the hat is not enough to protect children from the sunThat is why you should use sunscreen before leaving the house and apply it every 2 or 3 hours, especially if you are on the beach or in the pool.

6. Set of two hats nylon

It is a set of hats made of nylon and with adjustable straps that hold it in place when there is wind or jerks. They have a light weight to fold and store easily.

It is a modern design that provides effective protection for protect face, eyes and neck from harmful sun rays, especially to protect the scalp of babies with little or no hair.

7. Beanie with smiling crab

This beanie for boys and girls made with soft-touch cotton fabricIt comes with an adjustable strap design and flexible wings that keep the sun away from the eyes and the back of the neck.

Fits any occasion, since it has a cute and friendly animated design so that the little one can take it with charm wherever it goes. But since the hat is not enough, it is important to dress it with light clothing that covers your arms and legs.