Water your garden plants quickly and effortlessly.

The yard of our house is a space where we can see reflected the dedication and love that we have for our plants. It is that portion of nature that pleases the eye and purifies the environment. Thus, one of the essential elements within the garden are the flowers, and they are also the ones that require the most care. That is why here we show you the best options for irrigation equipment to install in your garden.

1. Irrigation Equipment Automatic


It allows you to water all your plants at once. After installing the irrigation equipment all you need to do is turn on the tap. Water your plants automatic way every day without the need for a timer.

Avoid bothering your neighbors to help you take care of your plants when you are away. his easy installation allows you to adjust each nozzle individually to meet different irrigation demands.

2. Team Basic Irrigation with manual


Water all your plants at the same time with a 50 foot irrigation pipe, it is made with ABS plastic materials from high quality and resistant to UV rays. Its drip irrigation system prevents leaks from occurring.

This irrigation system allows you to have up to 70% of water savingWith the 8-hole micro nozzle you can adjust the size of the water volume and water your garden with precision.

3. Irrigation Kit complete for the whole garden


It is a drip hose from professional quality, made with high quality materials, resistant to UV rays and additionally, with an incomparable resistance to chemical products.

This irrigation system by precision dripDeliver the right amount of water to your plants slowly and precisely at the roots. You can customize the water flow according to your specific needs.

4. Sprinkler System for garden


This kit provides you with a 25 meter and 1/4 ″ PE tube and a 30-piece micro dripper, so you can make a watering system of 30 pots. Its universal faucet connector helps you connect it without leaks.

It is completely a set of irrigation system for automatic drip, which can automatically water your garden even when you are on vacation. With its timer you can control the watering frequency.

5. System Garden Irrigation and Sprinklers


Each nozzle can be individually adjusted to meet the water demand of different plants in one go. The irrigation pipes They are made of the highest quality materials.

You no longer need to water each of your flowers and plants separately, you just have to install easily this system and open the tap. In addition to saving water, your garden will always be taken care of.

6. Irrigation Kit with double function


This drip irrigation system reduces water consumption by up to 70% less than the others sprinklers. Its installation is very simple, it only requires 15 minutes.

Can be adjusted to any type of garden, making the care of plants stop being a task to become a fun activity. You will always be saving water and showing a spectacular garden.

7. System Drip Irrigation


It is a high quality system, it uses a drip hose of professional quality with unmatched resistance to both UV rays and garden chemicals.

This precision drip sprayer allows you to deliver the fair amount of water slowly and precisely in the roots of your plants. You can adjust it individually according to your specific needs.