One of the most important components for a room are the lamps of support to locate on your bedside table, since they provide you with a dim and comfortable lighting to read a little, watch TV or first thing in the morning when you are waking up. That is why this time we show you the best models of nightstand lamps that you don’t want to miss:

1. Automatic Lamp with touch sensor

Lamp model with touch sensor and LED lights to locate on your nightstand. The lamp features 256 RGB color combinations or the fixed color option. In turn, it offers a base with a 360 ° touch panel.

Ideal option for lighting with led lights Dimly your room in your reading moments or in the hours before your night rest.

2. Lamp with steel base and textile screen


Lamp design made of durable material steel and a chrome finish. It has dimensions of 8.5 ″ in diameter x 19.5 ″ high.

This lamp table It stands out for the subtlety of its details and the multiplicity in the fabric color to choose according to your personal tastes.

3. Desk lamp with minimalist design


Design bedside table lamp minimalist. It features a 5V / 2A fast charge port, as well as being UL certified.

What stands out most about this lamp for table or desktop is the subtlety of its details. It offers a minimalist, functional and elegant finish in equal parts.

4. Lamp with rustic style and USB port


Table lamp model in a retro style, classic and with a fabric shade, which allows better use of lighting. It uses an E26 bulb and an on / off switch with a UL plug.

Option of night lamp ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, studies, offices and living rooms. It has a comfortable and dim lighting.

5. Touch lamp with colored LED lights


Touch lamp design with led lights that change color. This portable model has an internal rechargeable battery with adjustable intensity 2800K-3100. In turn, it features auto cycle RGB color combinations.

If you are looking for a lamp that illuminates all types of rooms with a comfortable option of touch control, this model is ideal for you. You will be able to enjoy a dim and pleasant light.

6. Desk lamp with industrial design


Design of lamp for bedside table or desk with industrial style. It has dimensions of 16.9 “x 5.9” inches. Made of metal material and a durable long-lasting base.

The industrial style of this portable lamp stands out as an attractive option in the current market. Firm and compact structure.

7. Table lamp with USB charger


Lamp model for bedrooms and bedside table. It has a comfortable touch control and a 5 V / 2.1 A USB port, with which you can charge your mobiles, tablets and other similar devices. Likewise, it has 3 levels of brightness (low, medium, high).

Lamp compact ideal for lighting any type of room, be it your bedroom, living room or even the office of your workplace. Firm and stable support.