A good pair of shoes can be the focal point of any look.

The footwear It is the complement that gives it the final touch and marks the style of our clothing. Not only do women require multiple models of shoes; Men also enjoy a wide offer and model options that will help them enhance any outfit and look modern, elegant and sophisticated. On this occasion we present you the best styles in brand shoes Aldo for men, to complement your wardrobe and achieve a prominent look every time.

1. Aldo: Royton Loafer


These leather loafers Smooth they show an elegant but relaxed style. They are made of 100% leather with a rubber sole. Its design is finished at the top with equestrian-inspired hardware.

Its seams are made to measure. East slip-on shoe You can wear it with suits and dress pants all year round. They are ideal to use on any occasion and wear them with total comfort.

2. Aldo: Cadilia Loafer


Elegant, sophisticated and surprisingly versatile. This eye-catching tassel and slip-on model deserves a place in every man’s wardrobe. They are made of 100% leather and with a rubber sole.

This version features a unique texture and a sneaker silhouette. You can use them for your day to day. They combine with any garment in your wardrobe and will always give you a unique look that few will dare to match.

3. Aldo: Breaclya Oxford


East lace-up design It is made of 100% leather, with synthetic sole to give you greater comfort when walking and adjusting to your foot. Its color allows you to combine it with most of your clothing.

It is an Oxford type shoe from soft construction that you can use in any formal situation. This one-color variation with stripes on the sides is the ideal model for family reunions or semi-formal events.

4. Aldo: Aauwen-r Oxford

East casual model It is made of 100% leather and rubber sole that provides comfort to your steps. Its lace closure and mix of textures in its design make it unique.

You can combine it with pants and suits, they are ideal for any occasion. You can use them to go to work, meetings and even a casual outing. Their shade allows you to easily combine them.

5. Aldo: Tralisien Loafer


This model without laces is made in fine and soft suede. It has a casual but sophisticated style that will go well with dress pants, jeans and even shorts.

Its design, texture and beige tone make them the ideal shoes for any occasion. Are the perfect combination for any pants or suit in your wardrobe.

6. Aldo: Wyanet Slip-On Loafer


Loafers classic design, made of 100% leather and with a rubber sole. Its details and tassel make them unique and give it that elegant touch you need to complement your outfits.

It is a shoe that for its versatility You can use it to go to the office, business meetings and even a fancy meal.

7. Aldo: Nalessi Oxford


These designer shoes classic lace-upThey are made with 100% leather and high quality rubber sole. They are a model that has prevailed over time and are synonymous with masculinity.

They are sophisticated and very versatile. It is the timeless leather shoe model that deserves a place in every man’s wardrobe.