The gardening It can be a professional practice or a very pleasant pastime for those who feel happiness and peace surrounded by nature and participate in its evolution. In order to do this, it is necessary to have the right tools and the right place to show off your plants and protect them. That is why this time we show you the best organizing shelves so you can have all your implements gardening in its right place.

1. Organizer three level

This beautiful and practical shelf has been made in steel material thick that makes it strong and durable, with three levels that make it more spacious and with great storage capacity.

You can use it to place your plants that you can show off in spaces such as your patio or even be part of the decoration of your interior.

2. wood bench Lordbee

This beautiful model of Chinese fir wood and metal sheet weighing 23.8 pounds, is divided into 2 lower shelves and clamps on the side with a steel shelf on the top that will allow you to work with your plants.

With a ample space To work with your plants, you can use this beautiful shelf in spaces such as the patio.

3. 3 level shelf made of bamboo

The bamboo shelf is completely resistant to natural elements and respects the environment. It has slats that divide into three levels and a foldable design that saves space and is easy to store.

With a triangular design which gives a better stability to this beautiful shelf, you can locate it in interior and exterior spaces of the home, giving your environments a fresh and stylish air.

4. Garden shelf 6 levels

The design of this shelf is 6 layers Sparsely located to allow your plants to breathe and each level supports up to 25 lbs. weight and is made from spruce wood that is anti-corrosive.

This plant coat rack can be placed in any space in the house to show off your plants and give freshness to your environments.

5. Wide bamboo shelf with 4 levels

Made of 100% natural bamboo that respects the environment, it has 4 spacious levels with two handles for better movement when you have to move it to other spaces. It has a smooth finish that protects it from scratches.

You can use this shelf in various spaces in your home or in the patio where you can show off your maternal plants and beautiful plants that give vitality to your environments.

6. Lordbee: Organizing table

The pot bank was designed in spruce sturdy with ergonomic height and roomy for garden work and comes with a long-lasting sink.

This large drawer with two open shelves They can house plants or hang garden tools, being very versatile.

7. Plant support wrought iron

This practical metal shelf is made of wrought iron It gives stability and is removable with round corners and a large space to place plants. This bracket protects your family from scratches.

The shelf with classic curved lines of a European styleIt will also serve as an ornament for your interiors and exteriors such as the garden, balconies, corridors, kitchens and even bathrooms.