When do we meet pregnant, our body begins a series of drastic changes, and although at the beginning they are not noticeable, when reaching approximately the fourth month of gestation the growth of the baby, since our belly becomes heavier and generates the typical discomfort in the back and in the pelvis. To relieve these pain and enjoy your pregnancy without complications, we show you the best girdles what they give you additional support on the spine and hips:

1. Molding machine for support and support


It is an interior piece with elastic and silver fiber that protects against electromagnetic waves and adapts to the growth of the baby. Too shapes and lifts the buttocks without compressing them, which is perfect for you to carry throughout your pregnancy without marking under your clothes or overheating.

It is a style of girdle that works as support and support for the tummy, because it elevates the stomach and offers a good hold to avoid pain in the pelvis; as well as it offers an important lumbar stability so that the back is not affected by the weight.

2. Girdle with control Panel

This girdle comes with a control panel on the lower belly that combines with a microfiber fabric that helps absorb moisture, so that you can wear it comfortably throughout the day and avoid overheating.

The idea is to use this undergarment to compensate and relieve tension in the back, providing support and acting as a muscle relaxant. In addition, it has a seamless support that provides a slight lift regardless of the late pregnancy.

3. Girdle with back support

It is a support garment for the womb with multiple compression layers that distribute weight; as well as an elastic panel to provide a better breather for the baby, reduce stress and relieve back discomfort.

It also has an X-shaped back panel that helps you relieve heaviness and decrease pressure to prevent possible deviations and pain in the spine that appear during the fourth and fifth months, when the weight of the belly becomes more evident.

4. Girdle with fiber fabric

Nylon and elastane girdle made to provide support on the back and improve posture. It comes with a silver fiber coated band shaped design which is natural, hygienic and antibacterial.

It is specially made to comfortably adapt to the body and characteristics of any woman who is expecting a baby, since it covers the stomach to below the bust and It collects the entire belly to relieve any discomfort.

5. Girdle with silicone band

It is an elastic girdle made with a silicone band at the bottom that offers double pressure and supports the back. Also comes with a seamless fabric antibacterial and breathable It reduces irritation and keeps you cool.

This undergarment is great help to support the abdomen and provide a feeling of lightness, so that the weight of the belly does not fall entirely on the pelvis; likewise, it helps you regain your body shape after childbirth.

6. Girdle seamless support

It is a girdle made with polyamide and elastane material that comes with a pant design that shapes the body, a belt band with soft compression and a panel fabric that Helps relieve pressure on the back and belly.

You can use it as part of your daily underwear, since it is invisible under any garment; In addition, it is an elastic piece that adapts to the growth of the tummy and softens the curves to offer a flattering silhouette.

7. Girdle with support panel

It is a garment with a support panel that offers softness to the belly and is breathable. It features a band-free design that is non-marking, does not generate panty lines, does not slip and does not roll up.

It also has an elastic that guarantees enough capacity for the belly to grow as the pregnancy progresses, offering light compression by correcting the posture, supporting the muscles and relieve pressure on the spine.