Keep your home safe and 100% mosquito free.

There is nothing more uncomfortable and annoying than having inside our home mosquitoes and insects. Sometimes the weather or external elements make these animals reproduce and get into our houses. There are a number of products specially designed for repel them, and here we show you the best options:

1. Ultrasonic repellent Of pests


This ultrasonic repellent pest control It uses the new electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves to drive away mice, rats, spiders, ants, roaches, mosquitoes, fruit flies, fleas, crickets and all kinds of insects.

Is very Easy to use; You only have to connect it to any outlet in your house, install it vertically to the floor and make sure there are no barriers such as curtains, cabinets that cover the front of the repellent.

2. Insect Master: Repellent Pest Ultrasonic


Forget about the bad smell of the spray, the poison or the traps. You simply plug the repellent into any plug and you let it do its job. Its sound is not detectable by humans or pets.

The insect repellent is effective in indoor areas up to 1,700 square feet. This is a organic productFree of chemicals and best of all, non-toxic.

3. Ever Pest: Mosquito repellent


Is a quick way to get rid of mosquitoes and many other pests inside the house. It is considered one of the most powerful repellents on the market and it really works.

This new natural ecological eliminator It does not kill the plague, but it keeps them away from your house. You simply connect it to any outlet and the LED lights come on and you start emitting the waves that drive away all kinds of pests.

4. Flexzos: Advanced repellent


This electronic repellent is very easy to use, you just plug it into an electrical outlet and it is ready to get rid of annoying insects and rodents. It expels them with its technology high frequency.

It is energy efficient and works in complete silence, creates an impenetrable barrier around your home against unwanted pests. Your whole family will love living without bugs and rodents.

5. Zaphal: Ultrasonic Pest Control


It is safe and effective, with an ultrasonic frequency range of 24 KHz to 120 KHz, it eliminates all kinds of pests and insects in a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Absolutely sure and chemical free.

Its high frequency range is effective on all kinds of insects, you just plug it in and forget about the pesky pest. Successfully cover a very wide area, being effective and powerful.

6. Nopestgo: Pest repellent

Uses automatic scanning technology Last generation to emit simulated biological, electromagnetic and ultrasound waves. You just plug it in, turn it on, and let it do its job.

Is a perfect solution For your home, you get rid of pests permanently without damaging your pets or family members. Your advancing system will keep the plague from ever coming back.

7. Mosquito repellent with UV light


Its scope of application is approximately 60 square meters. It works from a strong suction It inhales mosquitoes and pest into the lamp and removes them safely and cleanly.

By using the ultraviolet technology UV, mosquitoes are attracted by the light wave technique and are trapped in a 360ยบ range. It uses solar charge, more ecological and comfortable.