Ready to exercise and stick to your training routine? It is recommended that you first have the necessary equipment to start your exercises in the best possible way. For this reason, you should not lose sight of the safest options of sports shoes, in order to avoid any trip that could hurt your ankles.

1. SelfieGo: Mesh sneakers


Design of sports shoes, made especially for women. These sneakers have a resistant sole, synthetic and non-slip rubber, thus ensuring better movement on any type of surface.

If you are about to start your daily exercise routine, this pair of sneakers it is an ideal option for you. Thanks to its non-slip sole you can avoid all kinds of unnecessary setbacks.

2. OOFOS: Mesh slip on shoes


Shoes sports made of resistant rubber material and elastic sole. It features a synthetic fabric design as well as the ability to run on all types of surfaces.

These sneakers stand out for their sole anti-slip, which seeks to avoid possible accidents. Model available in black and white color.

3. JOOMRA: Lightweight sneakers with 3D fabric


Model of sports shoes for women, which have a lightness in their design, as well as a sole made from synthetic fabric. It has a cord closure connected by means of hidden eyelets. Reliable non-slip construction.

If you are looking for some sports shoes They adjust without problem to your exercise routine and also try to take care of your ankles in each stretch, this option is ideal for you, thanks to its non-slip rubber sole.

4. ASICS: Rubber shoes for all kinds of exercises

Design of sneakers for women with rubber sole and fabric of synthetic mesh. It features a low-rise shaft and a removable sock that doubles as an orthopedic stocking.

Ideal for all kinds of exercises. These sneakers rubber Imported stand out in the market for their lightweight design and synthetic fabric. Provides safety and comfort when walking.

5. STQ: Breathable Running Shoes

Model of special sports shoes for running and all kinds of physical training. They feature a sturdy rubber sole and air cushioned design. Made of synthetic fabric, which allows free perspiration when running or walking.

These sneakers are perfect for you to start your routine exercises favorites. From running, jumping, walking or climbing, you will feel safe at all times.

6. Skechers: Sports sneakers with cushioning sole


Sports Tennis fashionable, specially designed for women’s use. Made of synthetic fabric and a resistant non-slip rubber sole. At the same time it has a memory foam insole.

Regardless of the type of exercise you have in mind, these sports shoes made with elastic mesh They are ideal to accompany you in your daily routine.

7. XIDISO: Running shoes with air sole

Shoe design for running, jogging or walking on any type of surface. Made with synthetic mesh fabric and closure of elastic cord. Easy to put on and take off. It also guarantees excellent breathability in use, as well as optimum flexibility.

One of the most recommended options in the current market. These sports sneakers stand out for their light weight and non-slip sole, which allows greater security when practicing all kinds of physical activity.