A good incentive so that your child never wants to miss school.

Parents are always looking for a good incentive to give our sons the drive and desire to apply more in the school. And since we know that sometimes a good prize is also important to get good grades, we present the best ones below backpack and lunch box kits that will make your child happy to go to school and be the best in class.

1. Trail maker: 6 in 1 backpack and lunch box kit


Strong backpack, which measures 16 x 12 inches and is made of 600D polyester fabric. It features a spacious interior that can be easily adapted for school supplies and a front pocket for storing snacks. In turn, it has an insulated lunch bag with a PEVA lining, which keeps food at room temperature.

This backpack set and spacious lunch box It is recommended for your children to securely store their belongings before attending classes.

2. Class Collections: Waterproof reinforced backpack

Design of backpack with strap It adjusts to the shoulder, made of padded and resistant material. This backpack features three spacious compartments and an internal storage pocket. In turn, the lunch bag is made with insulating lining of waterproof material, easy to clean.

This backpack option padded It is ideal for your children to organize their school supplies with great comfort, as well as ensuring lunch in the spacious lunch box.

3. Class Collections: Waterproof backpack with thermal lunch box

Backpack kit made with waterproof material. It has a spacious internal pocket to store various objects and two side pockets, in which you can place water bottles or electronic devices. In turn, the kit features a matching thermal lunch box to keep food.

What stands out most about this option is the thermal lunch bag that will keep your children’s food in good condition during their stay at school.

4. Fuel: Reinforced backpack and food bag set


The Fuel brand presents a practical set of spacious backpack and food bag reinforced with strong, durable and easy-to-pack polyester material.

Option of bag ideal for your son or daughter to arrange their school supplies before going to classes, as well as lunch in their respective food bag.

5. Trail maker: Girls backpack and lunch box 6 in 1


This model of backpack for girls It is made of resistant 600D polyester material. The food box is insulated with a PEVA lining, which allows food to be kept in optimal conditions. In turn, the backpack has side pockets and a front one to accommodate objects of compact size.

East backpack and lunch box kit Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also allows you to better organize your youngest daughter’s study materials with great comfort in the internal compartments.

6. Trail maker: Strong model for children


Spacious design and multifunctional backpack for children, which has various internal and external storage pockets. In turn, this model has adjustable shoulder straps and a top handle for greater grip comfort, as well as an additional food bag.

If you have small children, this model of backpack and food bag For children it stands out for its high-quality material, as well as for its attractive sporty design.

7. JiaYou: Unisex school backpack made of resistant material


Model unisex school backpack with fluorescent logo and spacious lunch box to keep the lunch of the young people in optimal condition. This kit is made of strong polyester material. Its measurements are 30 x 15 x 45 cm.

Design of school backpack which stands out for its characteristic of being unisex, which means that any child can make use of this functional model in their school activities.

8. Trail maker: Emoji school backpack kit


Backpack that stands out for its eye-catching design and colorful. Its measurements are 16 inches tall, 12 wide and 5.2 deep. In turn it is made of high quality 600D polyester. Likewise, the kit has a spacious insulated lunch box with a PEVA lining and a pencil storage case.

If your children are about to start classes, do not hesitate to review this multifunctional backpack and lunch bag, which also offers us an attractive case for the little ones to organize their pencils and erasers.