A simple and inexpensive option to cool off on hot days.

In the hot days, We would give anything to be able to feel a fresh breeze that makes us relax and stay free of sweat or fatigue. However, using the air conditioning It can greatly increase the electrical consumption of the house, causing higher expenses. An economic and equally efficient alternative are fans, like the ones we recommend below:

1. Amazon Basics: Floor fan

This fan of Amazon Basics fits in 3 speeds, located at the rear of the model. It has a power consumption of 120 volts.

Its head with tilt up to 90 degrees It will give you the precision you need to refresh yourself at the exact point you want.

2. Standing fan oscillating adjustable

The pedestal fan has 3 plastic sheets with a height that adjusts to the level you want and a rotation that will allow focusing the direction of the air it emits.

With 3 integrated speeds, this model will give freshness to each space in your home and the possibility of mastering its power through a speed control and an automatic shutdown.

3. Lakso: Tower fan

Lasko’s fan It is 36 inches tall in black plastic and has three speeds integrated.

It is silent And with a programmable timer that will make its use a pleasure when refreshing your hot days.

4. Stand fan with remote control

The Lasko option presents you with this fan model with inclination easy to adjust and remotely control its three speeds.

This model in pearl white It will refresh your hottest days and those of your family.

5. Tower fan 8 speed

Black Honeywell fan offers you up to eight speeds Controllable by its touch buttons and it has a remote control on the back.

This versatile and practical tower fan will allow the air flow is distributed for all the rooms in your house.

6. Floor fan high speed

With a 157 watt power This powerful table and floor fan offers you high performance.

With three speeds, the B-Air fan will give you all the freshness you need on the hottest days.

7. Wind Machine: Floor or wall fan

This presentation of Lasko in large format For large spaces it has a handle that will make it easier to use when moving it from one room to another.

The fan can be used on the floor or on the wall to enjoy all the potential it has when refresh environments.

8. Silent tower fan for children

From the house Air choiceThis model is ideal for families with children at home, as it is a silent fan that gives a feeling of subtlety, providing freshness and comfort to your home.

With three speeds and an electronic timer up to 7.5 hours with air circulating for longer, giving more freshness to each of your spaces.