The first rule of makeup is to remove it at night.

The golden rule of makeup is that you can never go to bed without removing your makeup. And is that the consequences that will bring to your skin They are harmful, because during the night the greatest cellular regeneration occurs and the free radicals that “adhered” to your makeup They will continue to act on your skin, so there will be a collagen deficiency, thus causing expression lines to appear. Therefore, before going to sleep it is best to use one of the make-up removers which we recommend below:

1. Almay: oil-free makeup remover cottons

This makeup remover cucumber-based It features an easy to use soft cotton tip. Bring 24 sticks.

Effortlessly removes the makeup by gently pressing the end of the color ring. Allow the remover to flow down and fill the opposite tip.

2. Garnier: micellar water-based cleansing lotion

Cleansing lotion micellar water based It has a gentle formula to leave your skin looking fresh and healthy, regardless of your skin type.

It is soft enough For daily use, micellar water removes makeup and dirt without the need to dry.

3. Neutrogena: disposable makeup remover wipes

Makeup remover wipes soft and pre-moistened, remove makeup and clean skin effectively in one step. The package brings 25 wipes.

Removes 99.3% of makeup, even the waterproof mascara. Specially formulated to be gentle with your eyes, so they are safe enough if you are one of those who wear contact lenses. They are disposable and clean thoroughly without leaving residue.

4. Bioderma: micellar water-based solution

His formula based on micelles they have a dermatological ingredient very similar to the composition of the skin that captures impurities immediately and leaves the skin clean and comfortable. Without parabens.

Cleans and removes effectively makeup, using it you will notice that a feeling of instant freshness is produced on your face.

5. Neutrogena: fragrance-free makeup remover wipes

The 25 makeup remover wipes of soft formula Fragrance-free and come in a travel pack size that’s convenient to wear on the go.

Effectively dissolve makeup more rebellious, including the waterproof mascara, along with traces of dirt and oil. Your skin will be clean and fresh after use. Perfect for the sensitive eye area, making it suitable for contact lens wearers.

6. Sensitive Skin: cleansing water for sensitive skin

This cleansing water is formulated based on micellar technology and Poloxamer, a cleaning agent so mild that it is used in contact lens solution. Oil, alcohol and paraben free.

Eliminates long-lasting makeup by 99%. Too removes impurities of your skin, even the particles of contamination.

7. Cetaphil: make-up remover with aloe vera

This makeup remover is formulated with aloe vera and soothing botanicals, ginseng and green tea. It is non-comedogenic and perfume-free.

Eliminate stubborn makeup, oil and impurities while softening your skin. Leaves your eye area feeling clean and fresh without oily residue.

8. Brooklyn botany: multipurpose natural oil

Oil it is 100% natural, and can be used for endless uses at home. It does not contain harmful chemicals, added color or alcohol, and the fragrance is natural.

Can be used as mild facial cleanser, facial oil, body oil and makeup remover, suitable for daily use; excellent source of vitamins and moisturizers. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks with constant use due to its high concentration of vitamin E.