You will no longer have to worry about your guests’ bed.

Receiving family, loved ones and friends in our home is one of the most pleasant occasions to share special moments and create memories. In some cases, these visits range from just a moment or a meal, to spending the night to sleep; and when this happens you shouldn’t worry about it space, since below we show you the best folding foam beds available to you.

1. Folding Mattress Triptych Foam


Is a comfortable alternative to air mattresses. Folds and unfolds with little effort and is ideal for guests. It is made of high-density foam known for its therapeutic benefits.

Folds easily to fit in compact spaces, it is super light which makes it easy to transport. It can even be folded up like a makeshift sofa or super comfortable seat in any space in your home.

2. Sofa bed Folding


This 6 ″ thick folding foam bed with pillow is made of foam high quality covered by a solid color fabric. It is very convenient to use when you receive home visits.

You can put this foam chair Foldable in the living room, guest room, study or anywhere you want in your home as it doesn’t take up much space.

3. Study armchair folding


It is made with velvet fabric with double folded overlay stitching. Its velvety softness is very pleasant to the touch. It is lightweight and compact so you can easily carry it around.

It is an option very convenient for the days you get home visits and stay the night. You can easily place it in any room without taking up much space and also use it as a chair.

4. Folding bed with printed cover


It is made with SmartMax Fabric, stain resistant And in the water, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. This chair is rechargeable and can be filled with Ultimax beans.

The covers are double stitched and sealed with two safety lock zippers, making this chair a durable and safe. Its beautiful print complements the decoration of the space where you place it.

5. Study Chair ultra padded


This study chair is the ideal solutionSince you can use it as a chair or just unfold it on a super padded mattress. It is made with high quality materials, poly-cotton and polyurethane foam.

You can use it to take naps, read a book, watch TV and as an extra bed when you receive guests at home. You can easily incorporate it with the decor of any of your spaces.

6. Single Size Bed Foldable Foam


It is a 5 ″ thick folding foam bed with pillow, made of high quality materials and covered with fabric. It allows you save space since you can use it as a chair or guest bed.

It gives you comfort even to read a good book, take a nap, watch a movie or just rest. It is a solution practical and simple for when you receive visits from family and friends.

7. Folding single bed Foam


It is a folding bed made with high quality foam 6 ″ thick and covered with resistant fabric. It allows you to solve a extra bed when you receive visitors at your house.

It is the solution to save space and add comfort to your home. When you are not using it as a bed you can place it in any room and use it as an extra chair to rest.

8. Flat mat Foldable Foam


This mattress-mattress style bed is designed as a comfortable triptych giving you the flexibility and comfort you want anywhere. You can use it to take naps, read a book, or watch TV.

Is folding chair You can put foam in the guest room, in the living room, in the library or anywhere in the house. It gives you comfort and rest without taking up much space.