To see you beautiful and feel comfortable on your day wedding It is very important for everything to flow on one of the most important days in the life of every woman. Therefore, each piece that our wardrobe conforms will be key to achieving perfection that day. One of the key accessories are the high heel shoes that you will look during the wedding and in the celebration, that’s why we offer you these eight wonderful options in heels for less than $ 40 so that you combine with your wedding dress.

1. Low heels with sequins

Made of synthetic material and rubber outsole, these heels measure at least 2.3 inches. They are brilliant They are complemented by a soft lining and cushioned insoles with a non-slip sole.

This classic heel model comes in solid colors for you to choose according to your style, to complement the look the most anticipated day of your life.

2. High heel with shiny and strap

With a height of 3.75 centimeters these strappy heels And strap that fits around the ankle are shiny in silver.

They will give you a touch of elegance to the outfit of the wedding day, making you look like a queen in a fairy tale.

3. Sandals with beading on the heel

This model of heels in dark color is designed with silver rhinestones which gives it a very elegant touch. It is approximately 11 centimeters tall.

They are very original heels and they will give your bridal look a very chic touch so that you shine all night during the celebration.

4. Sandals with pearls and white lace

The sandals are made of rubber sole with a platform that measures 25 centimeters and its size goes from 34 to 42. Made of PU material and white lace with pearls.

This model goes with those brides who are happy to follow the traditions of the family taking them to the altar and look beautiful on your wedding day.

5. Pointy shoes with diamonds

These shoes have a height of 13 centimeters and come with a lining to easily transpire your feet and their material makes them durable. Have rubber sole and they are ultra soft.

You can find this classic design in traditional white or choose from a variety of shades that match your look on your wedding day.

6. Sequin platform with round toe

Acts with sequins and rubber outsole, these platforms have a round toe design and are low cut that keep those who wear them stable.

With these heels you will shine like a queen on your wedding day, and you will also feel very comfortable due to the support they provide, which will allow you to dance and move easily throughout the party.

7. Dress shoe satin

These beautiful satin shoes have a height of at least 4.5 centimeters with rubber sole and ankle strap.

You can find them in different colors so you can adapt them to the wedding day attire and even to use them in any type of event where you want to look elegant and chic.

8. Lace-up shoes for weddings

Made of synthetic material, these platform shoes approximately 1.5 centimeters high, they have flowers in their design decorative lace fabric.

With this model you will be fashionable keeping the brides tradition When you go to the altar in these comfortable shoes that come in various shades for you to choose the one you like the most.