Forget about blackheads once and for all and have healthy skin.

As if suffering from acne was not enough, there are also the annoying black spots, which arrive once the outbreak has ceased. Although black spots do not represent any harm to the skin, the problem that derives from them is purely aesthetic, and there are many effective treatments on the market, and we are going to recommend the 8 best masks to forget about them forever.

1. MyM: activated carbon-based face mask

The MYM mask is made from activated carbon 100% natural, so it is free of chemicals and artificial additives. Designed to be effective enough for daily use.

The mask quickly removes pimples and blackheads you have because it penetrates deep into the layers of the skin. In addition, it works for all skin types, whether dry, normal, oily or mixed. Its formula closes the pores, exfoliates, hydrates and improves blood circulation.

2. VASSOUL: multipurpose face mask

The VASSOUL brand offers you a mask based on bamboo activated carbon which is easy to apply and remove. It comes in a 50g presentation.

This mask is multipurpose because it provides benefits such as the elimination of acne, blackheads and difficult spots; reducing the effects of computer radiation and improving circulation and restoring skin’s vitality and firmness.

3. Gemmaz: natural face mask

The Gemmaz mask is made from safe ingredients and natural like water, glycerin, natural activated carbon, collagen polypeptide and bamboo extracts.

With the use of the mask you will remove pimples, impurities, dirt, stains and excess oil. Your skin will have a cleaner, clearer and more youthful appearance.

4. Activate Wow: mud, activated charcoal and aloe vera face mask

Active Wow offers us a facial mask based on mud and activated carbon 100% natural therapeutic, which has been infused in aloe vera. Product suitable for all skin types and levels of fat.

This mask close the pores and removes pimples. With its use you will achieve a new and beautiful skin in minutes, ideal to remove accumulated residues from the makeup.

5. SHILLS: natural face mask

SHILLS has a mask based on natural activated carbon, so it is free of alcohol, parabens and silic Suitable for vegans since it has not been tested on animals. It comes with a silicone brush to facilitate its application.

Cleaning and prevention This is what this mask will bring you. Ideal if your skin is acne prone, delicate, dry, sensitive or imperfect. With its use you will make your skin look young and thus recovering its original complexion.

6. Paula’s Choice: clay, oatmeal and aloe vera mask

The Paula’s Choice face mask is made from natural clays, oatmeal and aloe vera. It rinses off easily, leaving the skin soft, matte and smooth.

The mask cleans deeply your skin because the clay absorbs excess oil. For its part, plant extracts visibly calm the skin.

7. Pure Biology: clay-based face mask

Pure Biology has a mask made from bentonite clay, kaolin clay, pea peptides and vitamins A and E.

This mask cleans, smooths and minimizes deep pores, dark spots, black pimples and acne scars. Ideal if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. In addition, it can be used by both men and women.

8. Aria Starr Beauty: Dead Sea mud face mask

The Aria Starr Beauty mask is made from Dead Sea mud, shea, Aloe Vera and jojoba oil. Ideal for women and men.

This mask extracts toxins and impurities located in the layers of your skin, it also absorbs excess oil, effectively removing dead cells to reveal fresh, soft and clear skin with clean pores, you will even see changes in your skin.