Save space without compromising your comfort.

Our room It is our space of relaxation, comfort and privacy within our home, where in addition to resting and sleeping we can relax reading an excellent book or enjoying a movie. To create an even more pleasant environment, we can incorporate a comfortable futon where you can relax when you want or even be a good place to break for your guests. Take a look at the options below and choose the best one for you and your room.

1. Reclining futon with wooden base

Made with a solid structure of hardwood, you can place it in three positions like sofa, deck chair and bed. The size of this futon is Queen for you to feel more comfortable.

This futon welcomes you every time you arrive in your room with warmth and sweetness, designed with informal sophistication in a rich heritage finish. Its vintage nature has a deep character.

2. Small Futon convertible


The lounger can be used as a plush seat or as a comfortable bed. Fabric options match almost any decor and they will add character to the room.

You can use it as a very comfortable seat or as a bed when a guest arrives at your house. It is an excellent option to give it an extra touch and complement the decoration.

3. Quilted futon with tacks

Constructed from a variety of supreme materials, they offer you a relaxing escape. They are covered with a mix material of polyester and cotton which is soft and durable.

This futon allows you to have a room that can be used in various ways, so you don’t have to choose just It is reversible, and you can use it in a folded, vertical or flat position.

4. Sofa bed foldable and compact


It is made of a luxurious material suede for comfort. It is not only multifunctional but also modern and will perfectly match the atmosphere of any room.

Is it flexible enough thanks to its three convertible positions, it can be adapted to the activities you want, and it can be deployed on a bed in just seconds.

5. Sofa Reclining Bed

Provides the perfect touch of style and comfort To your living space with this convertible futon, the detailed stitching on the tufted faux leather upholstery provides the perfect match.

It has a versatile design which allows you to save space, it is ideal for small spaces. It is an excellent option that makes your bedroom a much more comfortable and functional space.

6. Sofa with cup holder

This convertible futon is made with synthetic skin and 4 chromed metal legs to give an elegant style to any space. Its backrest reclines easily and the side armrests are removable.

You can relax and enjoy a movie in front of the television. Includes two cup holders in the folding armrest for your favorite drinks. A excellent choice for your room.

7. Double futon with backrest padding


The combination of curved armrests and sloping legs work together to provide a unique rounded look That stands out. Linen upholstery adds another element of elegance.

Let yourself be carried comfortable cushioning of the linen futon, with its padded back that gives your body all the support you need to sit and relax all the time.

8. Sofa bed compact

Its divided backrest with converted folding arms allows you to go from futon to bed quickly and easily. Cushioning of the upper part with memory foam extra gives you great comfort.

This futon has been designed with a wooden frame with clean lines and durable metal legs. It has additional seats and a folding bed all in