Ironing clothes will be your new favorite chore around the house.

When we are traveling or need iron urgently a particular garment, it is best to have a fabric vaporizer that will allow us in a few minutes to stretch the wrinkles of our clothes. These irons Laptops have become popular with travelers because it allows them to be presentable and above all save money on laundries. So if you are interested in purchasing a steam iron, in the following lines you will find eight models at affordable prices.

1. Ponnyc: Portable iron

The steam iron Ponnyc is compact and lightweight at 1.3 lbs. It is made with 500 watt heating elements that guarantee that in a minute and a half the equipment is ready to iron.

The vaporizer contains up to 4 ounces of water to 10 minutes of use without interruptions in all kinds of textiles. The iron will turn off if a liquid spill is detected or the temperature is very high.

2. JSD: Clothes steamer ideal for travel

JSD Steamer for Clothes, 7 in 1 Travel Garment Steamers, 150ml Powerful Handheld Fabric Steamer with High Capacity for Home and Travel, Travel Pouch Included [Updated Version]

The JSD brand garment steamer is ideal for carry in your suitcase because its size is smaller than a tablet and it weighs 1.4 pounds. The nozzle design allows the steam to be distributed evenly throughout the garment.

The vaporizer is ready to use two minutes after applying the water, and can last up to eight minutes. The vaporizer is also a excellent choice to remove dust mites in minutes.

3. Deoxygene: Iron with adjustable temperature

With a vaporizer 1000 watts of power that generates the necessary heat in 60 seconds, the Deoxygene steam iron can be used for up to 10 minutes with continuous steam that allows you to iron your clothes as well as deodorizing and sterilizing fabrics and adapting the temperature that you think is convenient.

This steam iron includes two brushes: one for velvet and one for fabrics, in addition to the measuring cup and a practical holder. The water tank is removable to fill it more easily.

4. Travel Steamer: Steam iron

After plugging in the steam iron it takes 50 seconds to heat up, offering more steam time due to its 140 milliliter water tank.

It is enough to hang or hang the garment to be ironed and bring the steam closer so that the wrinkles are stretched. This steam iron is ideal for carry in your suitcase, because it is not a secret that when unpacking the clothes it is somewhat wrinkled.

5. iSteam: Quick steam iron

The steam iron from iSteam offers you in a few seconds an intense and constant steam current to guarantee that your clothes are well stretched without danger of burns or metal stains.

To use it, fill the iron tank with water, plug it in, turn it on, hang the clothes on a rack, and in a few seconds you can remove wrinkles through steam.

6. 1ByOne: Eliminates wrinkles, fluff and impurities

Steam iron with 1200 volts of power and a 260ml tank of water guarantees in less than 35 seconds, 14 minutes of constant steam.

Its intelligent on and off system offers protection against overheating in case of low water level. This steam iron includes brushes for fabrics and fluff, being suitable for all types of fabrics.

7. Fabric steamer with 360ยบ technology

The Deluxe Edition of the iSteam Steam Iron heats up in 25 seconds to provide 10 minutes of continuous steam. Among the new features is a nano polymer filter that purify the water and prevents calcification inside the tank.

This deluxe iron features a advanced design that even allows to vaporize backwards. It also includes a special tool to treat your delicate garments, in fabrics such as silk and lace.

8. Lemontec: traveling steam iron

The Lemontec vaporizer features a new design nozzle that distributes steam throughout the garment to remove wrinkles. This iron is light and fits perfectly in your travel bag.

When you buy it you will have a long two-point cable. In case the unit gets too hot or the water level is too low, the iron works with automatic disconnection to provide user safety.