Just as the bride’s dress is one of the main protagonists of the wedding, the groom suit It is also an important element to consider, especially when we talk about formal weddings. One of the main issues to consider is the cost of the outfit, since in every wedding there is a budget to respect. That is why this time we recommend the best styles of suits for the groom under $ 100 so that it looks elegant and sophisticated throughout the celebration:

3-piece suit with shoulder pads

It’s a three piece suit a elegant contrast color including a blazer with shoulder pad for natural shaping and wide lapels, matching vest and pants with elastic bands and flat front design.

It is a classic style that creates an expression between retro and modern. his slim cut Makes you look stylish and elegant.

2. Suit with ornamental pattern

It is a vintage tuxedo suit design with a fitted three-dimensional cut that is made with Jacquard fabric offering you a floral pattern in the best Italian style. Includes a blazer, vest and matching pants.

We are used to seeing the tuxedo in black and white for its ease to combine with some vests and pants; however this three piece set in burgundy and black tones guarantees a safe contrast to elevate the groom’s appearance on his day.

3. Classic costume in light gray

It is a three-piece suit with slim fit cut It is made with cotton and viscose fabric that is breathable and provides greater comfort to wear in hot weather. Likewise, it comes in a variety of colors that fit each personality.

It is a model with its full shoulder design with 3D draping that guarantees a better fit to the body, achieving a slim appearance along with the modern and tasteful look that every groom is looking for.

4. Formal suit 3 pieces striped

This three-piece men’s wardrobe is one of those used in formal events thanks to its style with a blazer of vertical contrast stripes, vest and pants of the same style. It has the option to adapt to the measure of each body.

According to customs at weddings, the bride and groom always opt for a traditional outfit like this to achieve a elegant and formal style at your wedding; although you can also include a personal touch to the suit by wearing the tie and handkerchief with colors to match the style of the bride.

5. Tuxedo suit in black and white

They are three pieces made with jacquard material, which is a fabric that maintains its shape and does not wrinkle. It has a vintage design of tuxedos with a three-dimensional cut It comes with a wide lapel blazer, matching vest and pants.

It is a light gray tuxedo suit that features a floral pattern that offers an informal touch to the dress due to its balance between modern and classic. Plus, it’s a wardrobe option that goes well for a ceremony during the day or at night.

6. Suit slim fit

It’s a slim fit polyester and viscose three-piece suit that comes with a blazer designed with notched lapel, vest with adjustable clamp in the back area and medium waist pants with flat front.

It is a versatile option that can be coordinated with a tie and shoes that match the groom’s personality. And best of all, it’s going well goes well for day and night, in outdoor or indoor ceremonies.

7. 3-piece suit classic style in shades of gray

This men’s suit made of polyester and viscose Includes blazer with two buttons, classic vest, tie and flat pants in a dark gray tone; although you can also get this same style in other colors.

It is a suit that can include details with scarves so that the dress adds elegance. In this case the buttonhole flowers give it a funny look and with personality if combined with the bride’s bouquet.

8. Slim Fit Suit in cream color

Two-piece tuxedo with Slim Fit cut that is made of polyester and viscose, materials that are soft and breathable. The notched blazer jacket comes with a button closure and five pockets, and trousers with a flat front.

In this case the groom can get out of the traditional and skip the protocol a little, playing a little with the colors of the shirt and tie to get a more formal style. The important thing is to keep in mind that light shades are more appropriate for daytime ceremonies.