A decorative element to balance the energies of your home.

Living in a harmonious place with a good vibe is important for our physical and mental health. Therefore, it is important to take into account the decor and arrangement of the spaces where we spend most of our rest time, so it must be an environment adapted to our tastes and needs. The natural crystals are unique and beautiful formations created directly by the nature, and they are excellent talismans for balance energies of the spaces; so having one of them at home, like the ones shown below, will always be a very good idea.

Amethyst geode extra big

This piece measures 36 inches tall by 10 inches wide and weighs 63.58 pounds. The crystal was extracted directly from the mines, only going through a cleaning process, leaving it intact. This beautiful amethyst crystal shines brightly in the light and is an elegant model for any space.

2. Natural tower of Mineral Crystal

This crystal is a mixture of colors deep yellow to reddish brown typical of mineral quartz and among the gems, it is one of the most sought after for the home.

3. Quartz crystal egg-shaped

The Septarian egg is from quartz crystal polished for a smooth surface. Inject positive energy into your spaces to attract feelings such as joy and uplifting spirituality for the being. It weighs 22.5 pounds and is 6.5 inches.

Mineral tower black quartz

This quartz is black in color with yellow highlights that radiate energy wherever they are projected. In addition, its design resembles a tower that will look beautiful in any space where you want to expose it.

5. Selenite from Brazil quartz

It has a weight of 419.2 grams. This 6-inch selenite crystal is on an amethyst matrix with crystals. Its transparency makes it look beautiful and very bright in the light and shows a small growth parallel to the edges.

6. Quartz crystal multicolors

Weighing 2.5 pounds this quartz crystal called Raimbow Aura is of high quality and belongs to a group of brilliant quartz and transparent that reflect many colors, and it is one of the most popular on the market.

7. Cactus spiral big

This beautiful cactus-shaped quartz It is pearly white and rests on a wooden base that you can place in spaces where you need light and recharge with good energy.

8. Stone of crystal geode

This citrine crystal geode stone from BrazilIt is of high quality and its crystals are exposed to radiate light and energy into the spaces.

9. Crystals of purple amethyst

This group of amethyst crystals it rests on a wooden base. It has beautiful colors between violet and purple; and it has a weight of 1,102 grams.

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