It is always a good time to have a break and have breakfast in bed.

Have a delicious breakfast bring the best energies for the day; but opening your eyes and having it served in your bed is one of the greatest pleasures that we cannot always enjoy. And it is that after a deep sleep where we burn calories after a long fast, it is ideal that you wake up with a tray loaded with the most delicious delicacies. Therefore, we present you a list of the 9 best options in trays to receive a breakfast in bed.

1. Perfect Life Ideas: Tray multifunctional

In white presentation, this portable tray comes in a design that adapts to your space with folding legs inwards. At its edges it has handles that will support at the time of moving to bed or your favorite place.

This tray is multifunctional since you can use it to eat a delicious breakfast or work from home with your laptop on it. Easy to store in any space of the home.

2. Table-Mate: Folding side table

From the Table-Mate brand, it is fully adjustable to 6 types of height and 3 different angles of inclination. It has table legs that can be inserted under your bed or sofa.

The table is ideal for eating a delicious breakfast, reading your favorite book or working from your laptop, with the comfort provided by this tool that it’s easy to store.

3. Wooden tray with large handles

The Winsome Wood tray comes with a curved edge, folding legs, and large handles that allow for convenient use and should be cleaned with a damp cloth to keep your old walnut finish.

With a deep wood brown color, this table with folding legs They rotate up to 360 degrees, adapts to your bed or the space where you want to enjoy your rich breakfast.

4. CostWay: Folding tray bamboo

The folding bamboo tray can be transformed to hold multiple dishes and can be stored anywhere with a weight of 2 pounds.

In this beautiful piece You can place the most delicious delicacies you will eat to start your day with a lot of energy.

5. Juvale: Simple bamboo tray

This model made of bamboo has a smooth texture but it is resistant to heavy objects. It has sloped edges on the sides with two openings that allow easy handling.

Enjoy this beautiful design in the comfort of your bed, enjoying a delicious breakfast or a snack on the tray where you can serve meals cold or hot.

6. Tray rustic wood

Made with handles modern black metal for a better transfer, it presents a rustic vintage style with white finishes that give it a unique style.

It is designed to serve delicious breakfasts in your room or use it in your friends meeting to share desserts, tea, cocktails and everything you want will look appetizing in this beautiful tray.

7. Classic tray East World

The piece is made of rustic wood solid pineIt weighs 19 pounds and supports up to 22 pounds, sourced from the Eastern world and sealed at all edges for easy cleaning without accumulating germs.

From the East World brand, the tray has handles for its good management when taking breakfast to bed and relax to make way for a day with a lot of energy.

8. Rectangular tray anti-slip

This rectangular tray is made of durable plastic BPA free free of organic compounds, with two handles on the edges so you can carry your meals comfortably.

The red piece is ideal to share a nutritious breakfast in your most comfortable spaces without worrying about the stability of your food, since it is non-slip.

9. Ikea: Set of 4 plastic trays

The lap tray measures 20 inches and has a stable flat surface that will prevent spills of food or juices.

This translucent presentation comes in a Pack of 4Ideal for sharing breakfast, dinner or snacks with the family or with your best friends.