If you are going to talk on the phone while driving, you must have one of these supports.

The cell phone It is an essential tool for modern life, so it is necessary to adapt it to our environment, and the car is no exception. For this, we can use the bras of phones that have become the perfect solution to use GPS, connect to the stereo or activate the mode free hands and answer calls without creating a distraction while driving. So we present these 9 models of bras so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. iPow: Gooseneck bra

It is an 8 inch gooseneck bra with 360 degree rotation so you can adjust it to your most comfortable optics. In addition, it stands out for its magnetized base that allows the mobile to rest safely both on the windshield and on the dashboard, as well as you can easily remove it with its quick-release clamp.

2. Vicseed: Quadrilateral protection bra

This bra with universal fit Fits different devices with a size of 5 to 7 inches. And it has quadrilateral protection so that the screen remains stable on the ventilation grille and prevents it from tilting or vibrating, so that you are not distracted while driving.

3. TaoTronics: Bra with adjustment lever

Universal bra designed with an adjustment lever that offers a viewing angle of up to 360 degrees. It is a piece that comes with strong adhesion for secure placement on the windshield or dash, as well as a release button for quick removal without leaving marks.

4. Vabsce: Cup holder clip

Universal clip made of a heavy plastic base with 2 clip feet that snugly fits into the car’s cup holders. It also has a 11 inch flexible arm long with maximum flexibility and 360 degree rotation to ensure a better view of your mobile phone screen while driving.

5. iPow: Silicone padded bra

This is a bra built with a 14mm silicone pad and a 9mm pad to hold and protect mobile phones while the car is in motion. In addition, it has 4 adhesive footprints to keep it stable on the dashboard and adjusts to devices from 2 to 5 inches in a horizontal position.

6. Ailun: Double lever bra

It is a fastener for the car ventilation grille that is compatible with most smartphones. It is built with two adjustment levers to improve the both horizontal and vertical viewing angle, and automatic release button for quick removal.

7. Koomus: Magnetic bra

This bra is a magnetic device that has a strong hold and keeps the phone safe while the car is in motion. Comes with a mounting system easy installation in CD slot that you can tilt down, up, right or left for an optimal driving experience.

8. Yostyle: Telescopic arm bra

This bra is a great option to ensure safety while driving, and it comes with a telescopic arm that extends from 5 to 7 inches and rotates up and down to have a display optimal. It also has wide compatibility that is suitable for a large number of 2-4 inch cell phones.

9. Swivel base bra

We present you a universal bra that has clips that expand and contract to fit devices from 6cm to 10cm. It is a piece that is made with a heavy plastic base for the car’s cup holder, and with rotating discs that guarantee a good angle of view so you can listen to music, navigate through the GPS or load.