Enjoy your trip without problems or discomfort with these products.

Travel by airplane It is not always very pleasant, because sitting for long periods of time is extremely uncomfortable, and it is even worse if you suffer from dizziness or phobias. So that the experience can be much more pleasant, you should always carry your kit with you traveling products essentials, such as those shown below:

1. Mack’s: earplugs

The plugs are made in ultra soft foam slow release and latest technology. It offers protection of up to 32 decibels, providing you with unmatched comfort and hygiene. In addition to using it during a flight, you can wear them to sleep or work.

2. Global NMM: soft sleep mask

The mask is made in 100% mulberry silk on both sides. You will feel relaxed with its use because it is soft, light and breathable. It is ideal to rest deeply and avoid jetlag.

3. ARTIX: headphones with microphone and integrated control

The headphones have a light and compact design. With them you will have a clear and clear sound with powerful bass with which you will enjoy a complete surround sound experience. Plus, it’s hands-free, and they’re fully collapsible for convenient storage when not in use.

4. Amazon: Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof

Is Kindle is the thinner and lighter till the date. With it, you’ll enjoy twice the storage, weeks-long battery life, built-in adjustable light, and a 300-dpi glare-free display just like real paper, even in bright sunlight.

5. BlueHills: portable blanket

You will feel this blanket soft and warm. It measures 60 ″ long x 43 ″ wide, allowing it to cover you almost entirely during your trip. It comes with a tiny, soft and micro carrying case that will allow you to carry it in many different situations.

6. KaruSale: Power bank with multiple ports

This power bank provides you with several different charging adapters. Compatible with almost all types of mobile phone and electronic devices with USB function. It offers you protection against overload, short circuits and leaks. So you can use your cell phone or tablet throughout the trip without fear of running out of battery.

7. Sleepy ridefootrest

This lightweight and compact backrest support is made with memory foam first quality. In addition to leaning on it, you can also prevent swelling of the feet and back pain that occurs during long flights. It easily adapts to your hand luggage or travel bag.

8. MLVOC: cervical pillow with traveler kit

100% pure pillow memory foam, breathable and machine washable. The travel kit comes with a 3D sleeping mask, earplugs and a luxury bag. With it, you can provide a correct position for your neck, prevent your head from falling forward, and relieve neck pain.

9. Miers Labs: homeopathic remedy for fatigue

This homeopathic remedy is made up of chewable tablets based on 5 natural active ingredients. It will help relieve you of typical travel symptoms that affect body temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure, and physiological patterns that can lead to disorientation and physical and mental fatigue.