Looking for a way to work more comfortably from home? 24 ”monitors are ideally sized to work with many displays at once and are also small enough to fit any desktop. If you are looking for a monitor to use with your PC or as a second screen and work better, then check out this guide.

1. Monitor HP

This monitor is stands out for its functionalityAs it includes speakers, a webcam and it can also be adjusted in inclination. This model of the HP brand offers a Full HD screen and thanks to its ergonomic foot, it can be adjusted in height and inclination, making you work in a more comfortable position. It has a modern and almost borderless design, and includes HDMI, VGA and HDCP ports on the back.

With this HP model we find a very comfortable monitor with great features, which adapts to each person perfectly. It can be rotated 90 ° and is compatible with VESA mounts in case you want to mount it on the wall. In Amazon, the clients affirm that it is a product with a good relation quality-price and emphasize that it is ideal to work. As a negative point, they mention that their speakers are not very good, but that their screen has a very high quality.

2. Monitor Acer

With a Full HD screen and a very modern circular footThis Acer monitor has a very thin frame, which increases visibility. It includes HDMI, VGA and DVI ports, and its tilt can be adjusted from -5 ° to 15 °. Due to its nearly borderless design, two equal monitors can be used with minimal visual disruption. In addition, it has a low power consumption of 25W and its screen has technology Flicker-Free that prevents flickering and cares for your vision.

This is the best selling monitor, with more than 2,900 reviews in Amazon. Due to its characteristics, customers agree that it is a very good monitor to work with, with a great screen quality and design, that fits any home. They also highlight the ease of installation and its tilt adjustment, although they regret that it does not have a height adjustment, like the previous model.

3. Monitor brand BenQ

This BenQ monitor features a simpler design, with IPS panel Full HD screen quality and included speakers. One of the most outstanding features of this monitor is that includes a sensor to adjust screen brightness automatically, something that helps take care of your vision. At the back it has a slit for its connection ports, which keeps them organized. Includes HDMI, VGA, USB and audio ports.

With the highest discount of 26% currently, this BenQ monitor has a price below e $ 120 and also it is the best valued model, with 4.4 stars on Amazon. Its screen includes technology Flicker-Free and blue light filter, plus automatic brightness adjustment. Customers mention that it is a product with an excellent price-quality ratio, ideal for workers in all areas. As in other similar monitors, they mention that the speakers are not very good, but that they are enough to work.

4. Monitor Philips

With a very modern designThis Philips monitor offers a full HD LED screen with IPS panels, but you can also opt for 4K quality. It has a refresh rate of 75Hz with AMD FreeSync, the highest in the guide, offering quick movements, ideal for design or video work. Its screen has a blue light filter and Flicker-Free, to protect your eyes. On the other hand, this Philips product offers 4 years warranty.

Its about most economical guide monitor, with a price that does not exceed $ 100 that combines aesthetics and functionality backed by the Philips brand. In Amazon, customers affirm that it is an option with a very good price-quality ratio, compatible with VESA wall mounts. They highlight the great quality of its screen, its adequate price and its design, but it does not include speakers like other models.